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Original: Alice
Translation: Dushbadou

11526435283_021c83a070_oRecommanded age: 15 years old +

Synopsis: “Blood Boiling Youth” is set within the early 1980’s in Heongseong, South Korea. The movie depicts the love lives and friendships of high school students.
source: dramalist

Informations :
South Korea
Genre: drama, romance, comedy
Aired: Jan 2014
Duration: 2h01
Director/scriptwriter: Lee Yeon Wu
Casting: Lee Jong Suk, Park Bo Young, Lee Se Yeong, Kim Yeong Kwang…

french version

“I love you. Me neither.” This is clearly the movie’s guideline. Gwang-Shik loves Young Sook who loves Joong Gil who loves So Hee. With all that, you add a gang war and voilà! you have the story. I admit that it’s not the most original plot I’ve ever seen but it was rather well made.

fullsizephoto388279The light touch of sepia and the “old” quality of picture remind me a bit 71- Into the Fire. The shot are well thought and rather aesthetic. The trousers that Joong Gil proudly wears and the outdated but charming roller skate of the 80’s set the tone of the movie in a realistic way,  immersing us rapidly in the story. We are far from the capital and from all its hustle and bustle. It allows us to fully enjoy the turn of events without being distracted by  a set in constant move.

Blood_Boiling_Youth-0001-vertI had only watched a few seconds of the trailer. It was actually the casting that pushed me to watch Hot Young Blood. I thought it would be a serious, tough movie but this was far from the case. I was taken aback by situations more absurd than the one before and my first meeting with Lee Jon Suk didn’t disappointed me. He fulfilled his clumsy, pretty boy’s role perfectly and showed off numerous pick-up techniques that made me burst into laughter more than one time. I was more into the idea of seeing him in the role of the “bad boy” but the pussy one suited him well too.
Lee Bo Young, on the other hand, showed a remarkable sincerity in her play. I had already seen her in A Werewolf Boy where she had moved me deeply. Seeing her once again, in this movie, strengthened my first impression of her being a true, skillful actress. She knows how to put on an act in the broadest sense of the term. What I mean here is that she has a wide range of emotions and -thing that is not given to everyone – knows how to convey it to the audience. In this movie she plays a role quite difficult: the one of  a gang leader, Young Sook. If she shows brutality and insolence, she is in fact far from being that kind of girl. She has a crush on Joong Gil who, unfortunately for her, falls for everyone except her. There are kind of awkward together. Young Sook doesn’t see other option than inviting him to a date through intimidation. By twisting a fork she makes him clearly understand that he’ll be well advised to show up to the date if he doesn’t want to end up like this fork.

On the whole, this movie seems to be a comedy. But the contend is, in fact, more dramatic.
We witness to gang war and if girls are able to make boys bleed just by slapping them, it’s better to avoid to get on their wrong side.  Sometimes that even degenerates more than one or two nosebleeds. So Hee unluckily, paid that price. Even though I didn’t like her character -despite the good performance of the actress Lee Se Yeong- she overwhelmed me. I wasn’t expecting things to go that far but one thing leading to another, the situation quickly worsened.

The characters evolves at the same speed as the movie does. More we advance in the story more the events are on the rise and characters flesh out. It was interesting to see how each of them were reacting differently to twists.

1388016939_626924-tileHowever one slight note with the end. In my opinion, the movie would have been as good even without this happy ending that came out of the blue. That didn’t match with the rest of the movie and it was a pity.


 Note de Macadambaby : 7.5/10
Note de Dushbadou : 6.5/10
Note de Whoovy: 7/10
Note finale : 7/10