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Witch’s Romance (마녀의 연애)

by Dushbadou

qiwuSynopsis: A drama about the romance between a younger man, and a woman who isn’t able to open up her heart to others after her to-be-groom suddenly left her right before they were about to get married.
source: dramawiki

Informations :
South Korea
Episodes: 16
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Aired: Apr -> Jun 2014
Network: tvN
Duration: 60 min
Casting: Park Seo Jun, Uhm Jung Hwa, Yoon Hyun Min, Han Jae Suk etc…

french version

A cute romance for summer! I wasn’t expecting a lot. But I was in fact pleasantly surprised to like it that much. I had not planned to watch this drama cause rom-com are all similar and I generally get tired of it when I watch one. But I couldn’t resist seeing all the bromance’s pictures between Park Seo Jun and Yoon Hyun Min on the net!

witch1600332a-tile Finally it wasn’t such a bad choice. Sure there were many defaults. But the predictable events and characters who are supposed to be funny but reveal themselves to be more of a drag than enything else (Team Leader Byun, Ji Yeon’s boss when he was with Ji Yeon’s mother and the fortune teller) go with the genre (as well as the cheesy ending). When we start a rom-com we have to accept those points.
But I can not not mention some forced coincidence that bothered me, even with my best will. We could clearly see the scriptwriters pulling the strings to lead the audience where they wanted. For example the scene in the fortune tellers’s shop when Ban Ji Yeon is beaten by her mother  *roll eyes*. I didn’t like this scene cause I had the feeling to be forced to sympathize for Ban Ji Yeon’s hardship and I don’t know about you, but I don’t really appreciate when someone try to dictate my emotions.
On a similar level we could also see some lack of inspiration in the writing. I wasn’t always satisfied with the reasons that were given to us to explain some character’s behaviors (don’t take it too personally polar bear), or how some subjects were brought to us. For me the worst scene remains when Ban Ji Yeon tells -completely out of the blue- her story about being dumped right before her marriage to Yoon Dong Ha.  It happens in the beginning of the second episode. Dong Ha and Ban Ji Yeon are not even buddies yet. So why…why is she telling that to a perfect stranger who probably doesn’t give a shit about her private life ? (at least at that time) o_o What a crappy introduction to her past! They could have done better! The proof is that they perfectly managed to introduce Yoon Dong Ha’s story with “subtlety”.
But fortunately all those clumsiness were balanced with some really good points:

  • 1. sexiness and hot scenes in the first part of the drama! :3 (unfortunately it disappears near the end and is replaced by only cuteness, which is good too… but not as thrilling 😉 )
    2. no clingy  second lead/ rival that doesn’t know when to give up the game (thanks god!)
  • 3. the ost that helped creating the right mood . If Park Seo Jun’s song was good , “I’m a Witch” by Spica was even better. I totally get why Ban Ji Yeon couldn’t help herself dancing and singing every night on it.
  • 4.  the cartoon/cute sounds. Normally those kind of effects are not my cup of tea. I  heard similar sounds in Taiwaneses dramas (at least in the ones I’ve watched) but most of the time it felt awkward whereas here, it was welcomed. It reinforced the humour of the drama but not in a heavy way.
    5. and the last point but not the less: the actors and characters! (bromance, super alchemy and great performance!)

Just with those points the scriptwriters managed to make up for the few WTF of the story.

WitchsRomance004_zpsdfcb1572I like bold heroine! And Ban Ji Yeon doesn’t lack impudence. This is not for nothing she is called “witch”. Of course since she is, nonetheless, a kdrama’s heroine she also has weaknesses. I have mixed feeling about that last point. It showed Ji Yeon’s humanity but in the same time I was a bit disappointed to see the energic Ban Ji Yeon dissapear. Her lack of vigour was justified and overall, it didn’t bother me that much (cause it was really well-performed by the actress) but sometimes her character seemed to completely fade away and that was a bit of a shame. Fortunately the old Ban Ji Yeon from the beginning, reappears once “polar bear” has disappeared from her life.
Uhm Jung Hwa was good in the role of the “witch”. She managed to juggle between toughness and softness brilliantly. Somehow she had the looks for this role. Talking about her look, I’m going to sound superficial but whatever, I’m going to say it nonetheless: I had some trouble to get used to her face. Voilà that’s said. But to be fair I think the middle parting of her hair didn’t help her.


epic face!

Ah Dong Ha…..our cute Dong Ha. How can I express all the love I have for this character? good looking, loving, nice, smart….perfect man. Well almost perfect. Cause I didn’t really like his mopping period marked by Polar bear’s return (except that it allowed me to see all the extent of Park Seo Jun’s talent) because it made me pity him and if there is one thing that I really hate in this world, it’s to pity someone. But on the other hand I can not completely protest against this choice made by the scriptwriters cause I think it was only natural for him to behave like that. He actually reacted like everyone would have. He actually tried to not cling into Ban Ji Yeon after getting knocked back and for that he deserves a round of applause cause in dramaland it’s rare. There is nothing worst than a guy that keeps on sticking the heroine even after being snubbed (the icing on the cake on a pitiful level).
Otherwise Park Seo Jun was awesome in his role. He managed to deliver so many feeling through one frown, one gaze, one smile, one goofy expression. This drama would have had less success without Park Seo Jun in my opinion! ❤

WRep11-00248Shi Hoon known as Polar Bear (Han Jae Suk) was the guy  I couldn’t love.  Why? because….
1. he spoiled all the fun
2. he made me pity Dong Ha
3. and he had no alchemy with Ban Ji Yeon (Uhm Jung Hwa’s play wasn’t that good with him)
I know that his presence was necessary to challenge Ban Ji Yeon-Dong Ha’s romance. I know that he had a “good reason” (a reason a bit too much and obvious:>>>SPOILER– why is it always sickness?-SPOILER<<< ) to dump Ban Ji Yeon right before their marriage. But somehow I couldn’t sympathise with him. Honestly I’m pretty sure I could have, if Park Seo Jun had not been his rival. But what do you want me to say? He picked the wrong opponent. That’s life. Besides I still don’t understand why he never tried to contact Ban Ji Yeon during all these years… *scratch*  (:>>>SPOILER its not like he had been in the coma for 5 years!-SPOILER<<<) But well. At least he knew when to give up the game and that! that is worth a big thumbs-up, man.

Soo Chul (Yoon Hyun Min) was the funniest and refreshing character of the drama (with Na Rae and Min Goo). I was really sad when he was only appearing one time in an episode. Sometimes I was almost more interested in his childish bromance with Dong Ha than the main romance.
I was really glad to see once again Yoon Hyun Min on my screen. It was the first time I was seeing him play a cute character and I was actually pleasantly surprised. This guy knows how to attract the attention even as a supportive role. Next time I hope to see him in a main role cause he deserves it. Fighting man!

wr_ep3_03-tileBILAN: I would say that this drama was enjoyable. It didn’t revolution dramaland for sure but I had a good time watching it. My tastes can be pretty simple sometimes. Specially regarding rom com. As long as the drama succeed in making me laugh (or cry) it’s already half won. That was the case of Witch’s romance. This drama made me happy  despite its soppy ending *puke*  (I still can’t overcome that kind of ending) and few defaults. If you need to laugh after a crappy, tough day I can only advise you to watch it.

Note de Dushbadou: 7.5/10
Note de Whoovy: 7/10
Note finale: 7.25/10