Vampire Flowers (뱀파이어의 꽃)

Original: Whoovy
Translation: Dushbadou

07200155Vampire Flower 66666Synopsis: Innocent romance between adolescent vampire Luis who want to find ‘vampire flower’ with help of human girl he fallen for, Soo Young.
source: dramalist

Informations :
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 6
Genre: Romance, Fantastic
Aired: Jul 2014
Network: Naver TV Cast
Duration: 12 min
Casting: Kim Ga Eun, A-JAX (Seo Jae Hyeong, Kim Hyung Koon, Moon Hyo Joon, Leo Seung Yub)

french version

Ok. For those who loved this drama don’t read this critic cause right now it’s going to be difficult for me to not destroy it…WHAT WAS THIS DRAMA, SERIOUSLY?!! Sorry, that had to come out *breathe, breathe* I can’t describe the shock I had when I saw the number of people who had liked that drama. I’ve seen many comments of that kind:  “NEEDS A SECOND SEASON! ❤ “, “rewatched it 5 times and I’m still in love with it”, “the A-JAX were wonderful!”…one word: Wow! O_O I don’t know. I feel like I’m not living on the same planet…Am I really the only one who didn’t like it? Well after all, everyone has different tastes. If you like lousy story full of clichés, soppy dialogues and bad actors, there is a good chance that you’ll love it. Unfortunately that was and will never be my case. Well, I have to admit that I spent a pretty good time watching it, cause even if it wasn’t interesting it was quite funny. Funny..let’s say that I couldn’t help myself to burst in laugher in front of certain scenes (more than silly!)
Like I said in my critic of Vampire Prosecutor, I’ve never been fond of vampire stories. But 2 reasons pushed me to watch this drama: the desire to see a short (6 episodes of 12 minutes, I’ve seen worst) uncomplicated (I think I couldn’t have made a better choice here!) drama. But what a mistake! Why, but why did I watch a drama that calls itself  “a korean twilight”? *sigh*. Just look at the poster. I should have noticed that something was odd…*sigh x 2*


a poster like that…well that stinks

But after all, we can say  “It’s just a poster. It doesn’t necessarily reflect the drama nor its story bladibladibla”. Yes but…no! Cause when we read the plot (thing that I had not done before starting it) we can immediately see that it’s a cheap story just like the poster had promised ” The youg vampire Louis (what a start!) is looking for a flower that disapeared years ago. (hum hum) This flower has the power to turn the person that finds her into a lord vampire (…) *pouhahaha*. To assure Seo Young’s help, and to protect her, Louis makes her sign a pact (Men, I would rather say that he forced her more than anything -_-) (…) But Louis is not the only one to covet “the vampire flower” because Ashel (what a good name once again!) -an older vampire- also wishes to become a lord vampire”


WTF! A vampire who looks for a vampire flower to become THE lord of vampire…O_O IS THIS A JOKE?!

Hard to believe that it’ll be a story full of suspense and above all hard to believe that it won’t only be a crappy teenage story! Everything is predictable. Not a single touch of originality, suspense. And gosh! hello cliché. Just see the begining when the girl is saved by our ‘nice’ vampire. Or even when she cuts her finger in the flower shop and bumps into our hero in a SLOW MOTION *cry for help* I could multiply the examples  but I think you get my point, right? The worst is that some people still manage to say that this drama didn’t look in the least similar to Twilight! *movement of total lack of understanding*
While I am at it, let’s talk about the setting and the costumes. Much as I liked the vampire of Vampire Prosecutor (sexy, original, smart…in short a big love for our prosecutor/vampire), I think this one is a total failure. We go back to the classical vampire:  red contact lens,  too much white foundation, be stuck-up. As a result I always had the impression that he moved v.e.r.y s.l.o.w.l.y (ah sorry! was it supposed to be a sexy and mysterious walk? my bad). Ah and did they forget the vampire teeth? Cause I don’t remember to have seen any (but maybe it’s just me). One other thing: the clothes! Why did they persist to dress our hero with a black coat too large for him whereas it was sunny? Was it for giving him a mysterious look? If so, they could have done things otherwise. But the worst was the bad guy with his cloak straighted from Star Wars! Regarding the scenery, there is no doubt we are well and truly in a vampire world.  And in case we hadn’t undesrstood in which world we were, they used a  ultra-shady coffin (?) and covered it with a red sheet. The all thing is illuminated by a few candles while some ugly paints of the vampire’s houses (what am I saying! manor!) are hung to the walls. Hum hum… I have to admit that at least they fully assumed their vampiric representation. I guess it’s not really shocking when you’re a fan of vampires.

You’ve probably got that I didn’t like the story by now…well I was neither convinced by the actors *what a surprise*. I’ve already said it but I’m going to repeat it once again: I’ve always feared to start a drama where there are only idols in the casting. I manage sometimes to make a few exception like Yonghwa from CNBlue ( ❤ ), Yoochun from JYJ…But here no! That was beyond my strength. To be honest I’m not a fan of A-JAX (I have nothing against them. I just don’t really like rookies cause there are too many!) and unfortunately for them this mini drama didn’t help me to see them at their best. Let’s begin with:


I’m going to sound superficial but…this guy is not good looking!

Seo Jae Hyeon aka our hero and therefore our nice vampire, Louis. His performance wasn’t that awful? *try to convince myself*. No to be honest it wasn’t THAT bad (the proof is that I managed to watch the whole drama).  I appreciated the fact that it didn’t overplay *fiou*. But on the other hand him and Kim Hyun Joong are lumped together. No expression! Well for his defense it’s not easy to play such plain character. I know  it’s  hard to fully develop a character in only 6 episodes  but I wasn’t able to swallow their crappy attempt to make him interesting by making him an orphan (just as the heroine! what a lack of inspiration!).
And two words to the director cause I can not let that pass: what was all these soppy scenes? seriously! I am willing to accept the fact that they had to speed things up for a bit, cause the drama was short. But not to that point! it was just too much. I could have accepted the scene with the bra if they had not added this fuck*ng slow motion on him catching our silly heroine because this latter had not watched where she had put her feet in the rush *sigh* And the following scenes were even worst. Specially when our nice vampire pushed (not in a very manly way) Seo Young on her bed and hold her back with his two little arms. Man, you don’t know the basic of courtesy? You don’t show up in someone’s house to make a fuss about a stupid, stolen flower! *sigh x2* Anyway…

fullsizephoto455768The other A-JAX were ok. The ones who played Baek Han and Akan were so discreeet that we didn’t really pay attention to them.
Among all of them I had a slight preference for Akan nonetheless cause he was the most refreshing in his role as Seo Young’s substitute best friend.
But even if I “liked” their characters I can not say that they were really original. They were a bit of a sucker. Those roles are common in dramaland. The only A-JAX who was a bit ambiguous was Reika. But there wasn’t a big suspense nonetheless.

69261002The heroine was played by Kim Ga Eun -the only real actress. She did well…well if we can say so. What I don’t like about this actress is that she tends to always play the same kind of role: a girl  who speaks her mind. That was the case in Inspiring Generation and I Hear Your Voice. Thus it’s hard to judge if she is a good actress or not. But since she is young she’ll probably improve.

The last character is the big bad wolf…hum…vampire I mean. Once again what came into the scriptwriter’s mind? (or the director’s one?> I don’t even know who to blame anymore). The grand pa with the Star Wars cloak didn’t convince me AT ALL! I had the feeling that they were trying to make him even more ridiculous than he already was *roll my eyes*. I’m not going to talk about him in great length cause it’s not worth it. Bad guy 0/ Nice guy +1

Voilà! I think I said everything about this wonderful drama *cough*. The choice is up to you now. It’s just my opinion among numerous other ones. I’ll even be glad to know what you personally think of it (who knows maybe I’ll be convinced by your  opinion and change my mind…even though I doubt that). One thing for sure: I won’t watch it a second time! As for me I preferred to remind with this sexy vampire:

Note de Whoovy: 3/10 (and I’m being generous!)