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Sad Love Story ( 슬픈연가)

by Dushbadou

256012-1Synopsis: A love story about two men and one woman. Joon Young and Hae In are childhood sweartheart but they are unfortunately separated. Hae In immigrated to the US following her aunt. There she met Gun Woo, who was Joon-young’s best friend. After she received a letter from Hwa-jung saying that Joon-young is dead, she accepted Gun-woo’s love. After an operation, Hae-in was able to see again. The story picks up again when composer Joon-young, singer Hae-In, and music producer Gun-woo all meet again.

South Korea
Episodes: 20 episodes
Genre: drama
Aired: 2005
Network: MBC
Duration: 1hr
Casting: Kwon Sang Woo, Kim Hee Sun, Yeon Jung Hoon, Kim Yun Joo, Jung Woo …

french version

Going back in time! 2005. I rarely watch ‘old’ drama (I know it’s not that old but what can I say? I don’t like flared trousers) but the other day, I listened by chance, one song of this drama (sang by Kim Hee Sin and Yeon Jung Hoon) and totally fell for it (-> cf here). I didn’t give it a second thought and simply started it. It’s kind of risky to start a 20 episodes drama when you don’t know anything about it except that there is a great song in the OST. So was my decision wised? Well I can’t say that my choice turned out that badly. The beginning blew me away and on the whole I think I’ll keep a good memory of it. But I can’t neither say that it was a pure jewel. It’s actually the kind of drama that I’d have loved to have liked more…But the constant ups and downs made it impossiple for me. Sometimes I was really excited but, to be honest, I was more often annoyed. It was really nice to watch this drama but it lacked something. You know the little spark that drives you completely crazy.

ssphoto0367dl-horz-horzThis drama is well-known to be teary but somehow it totally failed with me. Sure the story and the end were sad but I did not cry even once -me, who is normally a baby cry! And I have to say that the plot dragged quite a lot too. I felt frustrated several time. For example I knew that the 3 main characters were supposed to meet at some point, but that time came very late. When they finally did, I was already half dead cause of the waiting.
But for the beauty of the plot, the scenery and the great performance of the actors I can not hate this drama. Plus being annoyed is not always that bad…at least it’s better than being completely indifferent, don’t you think?

sad_love_song_738643On the overall I don’t know what to think about Park Hae In (Kim Hee Sun). At first I really liked her. She embodied perfection with her sweetness and beautiful voice. For me she personified an angel. And I’m pretty sure that was what the scriptwriters wanted to make the audience think. She managed to draw my full attention at the beginning, but she started to seriously annoy me when she came back from NY with Gun Woo. I didn’t appreciate how she treated both guys. She was constantly swaying between both of them. One day it was Gun Woo and the other one it was Seo Joon Young/Choi Joon Kyu. Such a cruel game! So I know it’s the principle of a love triangle and her situation wasn’t that cool. Her scruples were kind of understandable in fact (it’s hard to dump a rich, nice guy who is deeply in love with you and has paid for your eyes surgery). But it stucked out a mile that she would have never been happy with Gun Woo as long as Seo Joon Young/Choi Joon Kyu was alive, dah! So the decision was in fact, not that difficult! Her way to beat around the bush pissed me off. Her behavious toward Gun Woo was awful. He was just her rebound guy. They tried to make us believe that she was also in love of him but honestly I never bought it. How could I? She gave him up easily everytime she could. The first time she jumped on the occasion when his father said to her some nasty things (bouhou!). It was like she was, in fact, waiting a good excuse to dump him. I know it must be hard to live with someone in which you feel indebted for life. But her decision came out a bit of the blue. Like I said, she jumped on the first occasion to dump him and voilà. She acted like that during the whole drama. She always ran away from her responsibility and worsened the situation by doing so. I almost smashed my computer when she accepted to be Gun Woo’s fiancé whereas 5 minutes ago she had asked Seo Jon Young to wait her cause she was going to broke up with Gun Woo…hmm…short memory? amnesia? WTF really.
Otherwise I have nothing to say about Kim Hee Sun’s performance. She is a really good actress and I was impressed by how she played a blind person.

sad_love_song_738640Seo Joon Young and Park Hae In..what a good match! If at first I admired his chivalrous spirit when he stept aside and hid his true identity to protect her and Gun Woo, I was quickly disillusioned when this ‘chivalrous spirit’ carried on, on 1,2,3…7th episodes! Yes we understand that he doesn’t want to hurt his friend bladibladibla but crap! The guy was so sad that his eyes were constantly teary! He was just pathetic. He started to rebel 3 episodes before the end. 3 EPISODES BEFORE THE END! It was about time man. And he started to fight back only because he was put into a corner. What a man..
But if on the romance side I would have preferred a bit more action from him (I don’t know… kidnapping Hae In and run away from Korea? seemed a good plan for me^^). I was rather satisfied with Seo Joo Young-Gun Woo’s ‘bromance’ (specially near the end but hush! I don’t want to spoil )

sad_love_song_738647Lee Gun Woo (Yeon Jung Hoon) is the character that evolved the most. The rich guy, the pick-up artist, the best friend, the bashful lover, the fiancé, the dumped one, the fiancé and dumped one second edition (poor guy!) etc…He passed through many emotions (and haircut!) compared to the other ones who spent 3/4 of the drama only bemoaning their lot. I was kind of rooting for him (between him and the sad Seo Joon Young, my choice was quickly made) until he blew a fuse. He became too violent and possessive with Park Hae In. That wasn’t cool. But the scriptwriters managed to balance this moment of craziness by making it last only on a couple of episodes. Plus Gun Woo even felt regretful afterward *thumb up*
This character could have turned out so badly! More than one time I thought “Here we are. He is going to turn into the mean guy that doesn’t know how to stop his evil schemes until the very last second of the very last episode. If we are lucky he’ll even kill one of the two depressives just for his personal revenge”. Most of the time it’s how it turned out in dramaland but here they made a good work. He kept his humanity and even managed to forgive them. Such a wonderful man héhé.

I’m putting Chan Hwa Jung, Lee Min Ho (sorry girls it’s not the Min Ho that you think of. Here it’s only the name of a small time gangster played by Jung Woo -Trash in Reply 1994 for the ones who know him) and Oh Sang Jin in the same bag. There are the three pain in the ass of the drama. The three of them were more crooked than the last one. They were actually boring with their schemes. Cha Hwa Jung was the worst. She manipulated Lee min Ho who was in love of her, just to take revenge on Park Hae In. Bah the typical jealous girl. Lee Min Ho was the dogsbody of everyone and accepted to do anything while Oh Sang Jin (Gun Woo’s brother in law) was the classic bastard that seduced and married the daughter of the family just to take control over their company and wealth. Just bo-ring. fortunately their role were quite limited.

From what I’ve seen on the net I might be the only person to have interpreted the characters like that. How can I say that I like this drama with such words? I can’t really explain. It’s true that the characters annoyed me a lot but not to the point where I wanted to kill all of them. The same story seemed to repeat itself in every episodes but it didn’t bother me to the point of turning off my computer. I think it was a really beautiful story and like I said before I wish I could have loved it more than I did.

Sad Love Story8-horzBONUS: the award goes to the the American guy of the firsts episodes! (the husband of Hae In’s aunt). His scenes had me rolling on the floor laughing my ass off XD so pathetic and such a bad actor haha! The paradox was that his scenes were supposed to be really serious and intense. Pouhahaha such a fail!

Note de Dushbadou: 7/10