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Blade Man (아이언맨)

by Dushbadou


Synopsis: Hong Bin  holds a grudge against his father , because his father broke up his relationship with Tae Hee and he still can’t get over her. Recently, he is always angry and his sense of smell have gotten more sensitive. His secretary hasn’t told him that when he gets angry, blades come out of his body. One day, Hong Bin goes to the hospital and there, he notices the scent of Tae Hee, but the woman who has her scent is Se Dong.
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Informations :
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 18
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama, Supernatural
Aired: 2014
Network: KBS2
Duration: 1h04
Casting: Lee Dong Wook, Shin Se Dong, Han Eun Jeong, Kim Kap Su etc…

French version

I started this drama out of curiosity. The comments were so bad (and funny!) about it that I had to try, to judge it by myself. This was definitely the weirdest drama I’d ever seen and after watching it I could easily understand why people had written such comments. Blade Man was cut short to 18 episodes because of some Asian sports games that would have started earlier than what was planned…what a good timing. I was glad to see the drama spared itself more sufferance (I was above all glad to see MY sufferance shortened).

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The firsts episodes will remain forever engraved in my memory. I never saw scriptwriters try that hard to get the audience laugh. The humour was SO stifling that it made it impossible to actually laugh (at least that was my case). I was completely lost. This drama was a complete joke… but a bad one. It was just pathetic. I’m only stating how I felt during my watching. I know that some of you actually liked this slapstick humour. Me, it just prevented me from going into the drama. It was too extreme. I’m quite surprised by myself actually. Normally I stop a drama when the firsts episodes didn’t convince me. That was the case of Blade Man but still, I kept on. This drama was an oddity I had to beat. The slapstick humour tended to disappear along the episodes. I don’t know if it was a good or a bad thing. I know it’s paradoxical. I just said that I wasn’t fond of those effects so why am I not more enthusiastic stating this? Because even if the fantasy/ comedy effects were barely bearable, it -at least- managed to arouse the little curiosity I had left. Once all the craziness was gone, it remained nothing. We fell into a melodramatic dimension. I’m pretty sure they were some interesting point about it…I probably missed them that’s all. The lasts episodes bored me to death. I really had a hard time following the plot. I wasn’t even interest by the few cliffhanger the scriptwriters tried to display, that is to say. The romance was non-existence. In term of chemistry I had rarely seen worst. Lee Dong Wook and Shin Se Kyung just a big nay! I think that was what killed me the most. No alchemy and an irregular romance, that’s pretty much how I would describe Blade Man.

17_3_1Positive point about this drama: it made me want to watch Scent of Woman. I had to check Lee Dong Wook’s play in a good drama. To see if it was just his character in Blade Man or if it was really him cause I had some serious doubt about his real capacity to play an angry man. Let’s say it! His facial expression were awful. I had never seen an actor exaggerate that much his play. But finally after watching Scent of Woman (well he doesn’t get angry in this drama but I got to see his overall talent which reassured me about him) and seeing that he wasn’t the only one to overplay in Blade Man I came to the conclusion that it must have mainly been the fault of the director/scriptwriters and nothing else (at least I hope! I didn’t check the filmography of Shin Se Kyung but I seriously hope that she is in reality a better actress than that cause otherwise it’s scary!).


All that to say that it was really hard for me, considering this factor, to get into Hong Bin’s character. I was so amazed by the bad effects and the bad acting that I didn’t have the time to actually enjoy the character himself. I remembered being a bit moved by his childish personality with Shin Se Kyung- pouting while asking for a hug…ridiculous but also kind of cute (?) even if I wasn’t really convinced by Lee Dong Wook (cuteness doesn’t suit him really well). I also enjoyed watching his growing relationship with his son. But I think that’s about it. I wasn’t impressed by this character and he kind of annoyed me most of the time (but less than Song Se Dong to be fair). His guilt toward Tae Hee was I guess, human. But the explanation came too late in my opinion (episodes seemed to never end so maybe my appreciation of the time wasn’t accurate) and during all this time we saw a Hong Bin changing side, completely giving up his dear Song Se Dong. I get why he felt guilty but I don’t understand why he had to sacrifice himself to that extend.

8_4_1Song Se Dong…rolala! even without Shin Se Kyung’s ham acting it would have been impossible for me to like this heroine. She was too pure, too innocent, too naive, too good samaritan and therefore very fake! My hand was itching to slap her. When she cried. When she fainted (first time I was seeing a heroine passed out that much in a drama). When she shouted WOW in a very unnatural way at everything. When she tried to help everyone (my god in ep 7 when she threw herself in the way of a barrow hurtling down a street at full speed wanting to be ran over to stop it: “you should dodge something like that, how can you try to block it?” Hong Bin said full of common sense. “What if someone else gets hurt because I dodge it?” Song Se Dong answered stupidly? naively? let’s just say stupidly! It’s impossible to be that blind). Now that I think about it she kind of reminds me that: (in my world there are only ponies. They eat rainbow and poo butterflies)

They tried too hard to make her cute. It just hurt my eyes. She was even nice with her rival. She accepted the whole relationship between Hong Bin and  Kim Tae Hee. She never really fought for him (that’s not what I call love). Well I’m not really fair with her…she did get angry one time! (oouu scary) But SPOILER>>> honeslty I really think she would have ended alone if Tae Hee had not eventually died <<<SPOILER

fullsizephoto521378I was quite taken aback by the apparition of Kim Tae Hee (Han Eun Jeong). It was the only cliffhanger of the drama and well it wasn’t that great. I thought her character came a bit out of the blue. Her story was big (and not really original) and it really made me feel that the scriptwritters had added this element just because the story was going nowhere. It could have been a good idea but in fact it just added some drama to the drama *huhu* without making it more interesting. She wasn’t particularly appealing (she let me quite indifferent) but good point for her: she was the character the less fake among all others.

I wish I could say more about other character (like the father- Joo Jang Won- or Madame Yoon) but I just can’t seem to remember anything about them. Too bad (it’s not really good when someone says that huh?).


Blade Man is far from entering my list of “good drama” (or even so-so drama). It got me bored most of the time. But I have to admit one thing: it was original!  For those who still want to try it, despite my harsh critic I can only say one thing: welcome in cloud cuckoo land! Enjoy!

Maybe I should have stopped the day I saw this picture everywhere on the net:


when people come to ship a nonexistent couple instead of the main one *sigh*… that can only be bad *sighx2*

Note de Dushbadou: 4/20
Note finale: 4/20