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Healer (힐러)

by Dushbadou


Synopsis: Seo Jung Hoo is so-called “errand boy”. For a relevant price he may complete any task, only if it’s not connected with murder. Under Healer’s mask he had run foul of some organizations that now strive to catch him, however no one knows who he really is. One of his tasks is closely connected to one girl, Chae Yeong Shin, second rate tabloid reporter. She starts to have an interest about Healer when he tries to get close to her, which results in the discovery of their common past.
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Informations :
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 20
Genre: Action, Romance, Drama, Comedy, Thriller
Aired: 2015
Network: KBS2
Duration: 1h05
Casting: Ji Chang Wook, Park Min Young, Yoo Ji Tae, Kim Mi Kyung, Oh Gwang Rok, Do Ji Won etc…

I know this drama was far from being flawless…it wasn’t particularly amazing in term of images (wasn’t icky either. It was just pretty normal), some actors sounded a bit false and the ost was a bit annoying sometimes (that’s the main critic I could do! songs were threw out to our face, very loudly, and unsubtly sometimes and for most of them they were not really good – with a few exception of course)…so what made me love this drama? Well I’m not gonna lie, Ji Chang Wook helped a lot! I just love this actor… SO MUCH.


even like that! ㅋㅋㅋ

But to be fair the plot was also really good (even though I was a bit lost at first with the names and the characters’s young versions). One of my first drama crush was City Hunter and therefore it was not that surprising to see me fall all over again for the action-romance genre and for Ji Chang Wook’s character (there is nothing better than a hot, kick ass, mysterious guy to spice a plot and above all a romance). Each episode was intense and I never got bored. Honestly it felt good to finally find a drama which wasn’t redundant. These last few weeks I’ve only watched those ones and I think I would have gone mad if Healer‘s scriptwriters had not been there every week for me. Healer displayed a good balance of romance, action, scheme, laugh etc… which -to my greatest happiness- never fell into incoherence or botch explanations. The only point that might have deceived me a little was the last episode. It’s not that it was bad, it’s just that all went too quickly. Some points would have deserved a better development but well, it’s hard to say a lot within a sole hour.

It’s hard to explain what exactly happened to me while watching this drama. I feel like I’m botching this review right now but what can I say? I knew that it wasn’t the greatest drama I had ever watched but still, it had me sitting in from of my screen every week, enlightening my day.

IMG_0853_1Seo Jung Hoo/ Park Bong Soo/ Healer is my ideal character. If we put aside the sexiness of seeing a good fighter fighting for him and his loved one (that’s my little weakness), I think I would have nonetheless fall under his charm even without this quality (maybe not as badly as I did but still). Seo Jung Hoo is a sweet, tender-heart guy.  He lives in a different world. He forgot what living a normal life is, what it is to have a social life, to trust and love people. I actually really enjoyed the part where he said that before Chae Yeong Shin, humans were plain for him, how indifferent they made him feel. We see him getting closer to other character little by little. He reminded me of a little wounded/mistrustful pet who finally got back on track and started trusting/ loving people again. I totally loved how he was attracted by Chae Yeong Shin. They were like two magnets. Their scenes were full of cuteness but did not make me cringe, didn’t give me goosebumps. Their relation just seemed right. It was totally adorable to see him- this big strong guy- sticking to a girl like Chae Yeong Shin, rubbing his face against hers like a cute puppy. It was so good to see him all smiley and bright with her. I can’t say which facet -Healer or Park Bong Soo/Seo Jung Hoo- I liked the most about him. Both were really well gauged and written. To sum up it was awesome to see a hero inherently nice rather than the typical cold, rich jerk of dramaland.

2_1Chae Yeong Shin/Ji An was a really nice character too. I’m not specially fond of Park Min Young but I have to admit that she is a quite talented actress (some little mistake here and there but nothing much). She was the kind of character who knew how to warm the atmosphere. She was really sweet in her manners: you know, dancing, singing innocently, caring for her hoobae (her almost sibling-relation with Park Boo Song -before she learnt the whole truth about him- was really really nice to see) etc…. Park Min Young and Ji Chang Wook, without having the best chemistry in the world, worked out really REALLY well together. Their romance was the most exciting topic in the drama even though I had a great interest in the whole family/friend/past business too. I’m a bit surprised to not have been more bothered by this character actually. Overall she had almost all the typical characteristic of a drama heroine: innocence, cuteness, weaknesses but also strength. Yet this depiction didn’t bother me as much as it bothered me in other drama. Actually I found her character quite realistic and simple.

IMG_1634_1Kim Moon Ho was maybe the character I had the most trouble to accept. Not really because of the character’s writing. I liked him overall even though I was much more obsessed by the OTP. His thirst of justice and impartiality quite impressed me. He was not the kind of character who forgave easily (just to say, the guy started a war against his own brother without wavering…easy to say but not to do). We can see Kim Moon Ho being truly hurt by his brother and this latter’s incapacity to reveal the truth, giving a true depht to his character. Surrounded by the ones he loves, he stops running away and fights until the end. Otherwise he was the sweet uncle I’m sure everyone would love to have!
Anyway, I had some trouble with him…. because of Yoo Ji Tae’s play. I don’t know if I’m the only one who thought that or not, but for me he always had the same face, whether he was happy, sad, angry (sure the smile and the watery eyes showed his moods quite well but something was off in his expression. As if, apart from his mouth, his whole face was rigid). Sadly it played a great role in my appreciation of the character.

IMG_6368_1Jo Min Ja (better known under the designation of “Ahjumma”) lives quite the life (if we put aside the fact that she spent all her time fucking her eyes on a computer, and living completely ostracised from the outside world). I just loved how freed she was. Her mode off/on (even Healer couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw her for the first time in flesh & blood) her swearing (poop dog, you old fart! haha) her hilarious voice mail let on Seo Jung Hoon’s phone, her knitting, her remake of popular kpop songs, her kimbap (which always looked super yummy) etc…all those elements could only made me like her. Under her “I don’t give a shit” look she hid a deep attachment to Healer. Always having his back. Healer could not have been Healer without her!


Kim Moon Shik was the kind of bad guy you could wish to see more often in dramas. I’m not saying that he will let me an unforgettable memory. I just mean that he was well-balanced and thus not a pain (maybe because eventually he wasn’t the only bad guy of the story). I actually liked a lot the “older” generation (Ki Yeong Jae and Choi Myung Hee). I was moved by their different stories and enjoyed how both Ki Yeong Jae and Choi Myung Hee ended up (SPOILER >>>> for Ki Yeong Jae it may sound cruel to say that but his misfortune was a needed trigger. As for Choi Myung Hee I couldn’t stand seeing her staying in Kim Moon Shik’s house! It was about time she left <<<< SPOILER)

And can I just say…their younger versions were a bunch of hot “kids”.


To conclude I would say that Healer is totally worth 20h of your time. I’m gonna miss it a lot. Let’s hope another great drama will take up and that Ji Chang Wook will quickly return on our screen (for now I still have Warrior Baek Dong Soo to watch…but don’t make me wait too long, pleeeeaaase *Puss in Boots eyes, mode on*).


*melt, melt*

Note de Dushbadou: 9/10
Note de Whoovy: 9/10
Note finale: 9/10