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Pride and Prejudice (오만과 편견)

by Duhbadou


Synopsis: Set in the world of prosecutors and lawyers, each with different ambitions and prejudices for and against the bureaucratic system. The hero is a chief prosecutor who enjoys prestige and money, and worked his way up on the fast track because he was smart enough to skip grades to become a prosecutor at age 21. The heroine is a junior prosecutor, known for her dogged investigative skills.
source: dramalist

Informations :
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 21
Genre: Crime, Investigation, Law, Romance, Drama
Aired: 2014
Network: MBC
Duration: 1h
Casting: Choi Jin Hyuk, Baek Jin Hee, Lee Tae Hwan, Choi Min Soo, Son Chang Min, Choi Woo Shik etc…

I still don’t know what happened to this drama. I was really hooked by the first episodes but my mood just switched into an almost total indifference in the following ones. It was really hard for me to get through it. Actually it took me weeks to finish it. I was constantly putting off until the next day my watching, under false pretence. I really think Pride and Prejudice (was?) could have been a good drama. It had great ingredients and I really enjoyed all the twists we were given. Almost each episode’s ending was breath taking but apart from those minutes of revelations, the investigations was always returning to its never-ending routine, making me fall half asleep in front of my screen. I loved the concept. The investigation was intense and attractive… but only from afar. The content and the scriptwriters’ writing were messy in themselves. It was sometimes really hard to see the link between this and that. I am mainly thinking about Song Ah Reum/Panda/ sexual assaults case and the battle between the prosecutors and lawyers. This was all too blur for me. I only started to get the whole pattern in the lasts episodes (fortunately!). Actually it almost made me give up the drama. I was so lost! It’s always like that in detective dramas: once you’ve missed a name or a fact, you’re done. You’re condemned to run behind the plot, to fail catching up. That’s what happened to me and I have to say: what cooled me down. At the end I still managed to finish this drama but if it had not been for the awesome twists I heretofore mentioned, I would have dropped it.


The romance were not even nice! I’m not just talking about the fact that Choi Jin Hyuk and Baek Jin Hee were a weird match (he seemed so big and old compared to her). No, I’m talking about the romantic scenes that were non-existent. It was probably the scriptwriters’s first intention: not to write a rom-com. But they still threw several strings! so why did they not develop them? I think it would have not damaged the quality of the drama. Here, the very few romantic scenes were completely drown by the investigation (and they were not that exceptional). Their first kiss happened in episode 17th! (I’m not counting the one in 7th episode cause it was like it had never happened. The two characters kiss for 5 seconds and then cut! on the next picture they are talking. No transition…that was sooo weird! It seemed like a dream that the spectator had experienced on its own, oh hello!). Their first (and last!) date took place in episode 18th. Let me remind you there are only 21 episodes *cough*. Pretty bad, huh?


On the other hand characters were for most of them not extraordinary (even though the actors were all very good). Some had really nice relationship (the grandma and the boys, Kang Soo & Koo Dong Chin, Kang Soo and Jeong Chang Chi, Han Yeol Moo’s mother with pretty much everyone) but that stops there.

op_photo141212135832imbcdrama1Koo Dong Chi (Choi Jin Hyuk) was very plain! I expected so much more from that character! I was so disappointed. Apart from the fact that he was a witness in Han Yeol Moo’s little brother case he was super boring. At first he had some peps. Bright, player, smart, he seemed to me as being a really correct hero. But the scriptwriters destroyed the bit they had built about him and Dong Chi finally ended up completely devoid of any personality. Such a shame. Actually he was the character- with Han Yeol Moo- who changed the less over the episodes. He always had the same behaviour. I’m going to remember only one thing about him: him going to the chief’s office every 5 minutes (seriously he only did that) to complain or fight with him. I don’t know…for once I was not that seduced by Choi Jin Hyuk. The few twists (the very few) his character had what was kept him more or less alive. I realise that I’m being really mean right now but what can I say, that’s really how I felt. He wasn’t the worst character I’ve ever seen but he was sooooo plain…that’s breaking my heart cause Choi Jin Hyuk did some great job at some point (SPOILER>>> the moment when he realized why Han Yeol Moon had left him without a word in the past was awesome. The music 남겨진 슬픔, the distressed look of Choi Jin Hyuk, the sadness in his eyes…I don’t know it was so good. This is one of the greatest moment of the drama <<<SPOILER. Raaah when I think about all those super twists I feel bad about all the harsh criticism I’ve just told. But these are the facts! A drama can’t be saved because of a few great points. It has to be good as a whole!).

op_photo141118113614imbcdrama0Unfortunately for me Han Yeol Moo (Baek Jin Hee) was not better to my eyes. My bilan about her is about the same as the one I made for Koo Dong Chin. She was interesting because her brother’s case was interesting. The character in itself had nothing to appeal (plus Baek Jin Hee has a very annoying voice. I know it’s not her fault but still). I think that I was even more upset by her than by Dong Chi cause she did nothing on her side to move the romance unlike him. I perfectly understood her reasons but on the long run it didn’t help getting back my interest for the drama. Baek Jin Hee is a really nice actress. Even though her character was not to my taste she managed to move me quite a few time.

op_photo141118113606imbcdrama4Kang Soo (Lee Tae Hwan) was actually the only character I really liked. I had a great affection for this character even though he was overall very discreet. At first he seemed to be a good challenger for the romance but the scriptwriters quickly gave up the idea (a bit like with every character. Starting something and never keeping it on seemed to be their motto). He was a character full of surprise and I guess that’s why I had that much tenderness for him. His story was heartbreaking. SPOILER>>> I could really feel his pain of having survived the kidnapping. A guilty feeling toward Han Byul (Han Yeol Mool’s little brother) who died “because of him”. <<< SPOILER I don’t even want to imagine what the drama would have been without him. He was the key of the drama and the scriptwriter did a nice work with him.


Better than any romance!

Plus in bonus he had the most adorable relationship with the cutest little boy I had ever seen: Chan. Big love to this little guy!

op_photo141128131111imbcdrama0Moon Hee Man (Choi Min Soo) was also a key character and full of surprise but contrary to Kang Soo I didn’t like him (+ second most annoying accent/voice of the drama). I think he was one of the main reason why I was half lost in the drama. He was really hard to grasp. I was constantly asking myself whether he was on the good or bad side. Finally it was revealed that he was rather grey than black or white. He was creepy and sometimes made me ill at ease. SPOILER >>> Specially when Kang Soo had suddenly remembered that it was Moon Hee Man who was the one opening and closing the trunk of the car in which he was with Han Byul locked up. Creepy (even though afterwards we discovered that he actually tried to save them) <<< SPOILER

op_photo141112105423imbcdrama3As for Jeong Chang Chi (Son Chang Min) he was a really nice ahjussi at first but I was kind of lost when this latter changed side and started being the “enemy” (enemy is not the word. I wanted to say a guy that suddenly decides to rain on the team’s parade but I have no word to describe that^^). His reason was all too blur for me until the very last episode where I finally got why he had acted like that. That’s not a good sign when someone says that. Here we are again, the same and eternal problem of that drama: the messiness (and slowness). I think that’s the only word that can properly resume  the experience I lived during Pride and Prejudice.

op_photo141201141211imbcdrama4-tileAnyway the last characters of the team (the couple of “the leave early”) were useless. They made me feel quite indifferent even though the scriptwriter tried to make Lee Jang Won (Choi Woo Shik) fun. Sometimes it brought some welcoming lightness…and sometimes it just annoyed me to see certain episodes spending their time on them, delaying by doing so, the progress of the main case.


To conclude I would like to talk about the last episode cause I feel a great need to express my feeling about that.
SPOILER>>> This episode was really great. It was like watching an intense checkmate game and everything was at last clearly revealed (hallelujah). But the lasts few minutes just destroyed my good impression. The editing of the lasts pictures of the investigation were weirdly edited (when Dong Chi’s father checked Kang Soo and then gave him Panda’s recording pen) but at least not as disrupting as the very lasts minutes. The scriptwriters let us completely in the dark about the following events. We can only suppose for some character and for other we have to imagine: was Moon Hee Man murdered? did Koo Dong Chin really went to prison before becomming a happy lawyer? what happened to Kang Soo? Youhou! Can we have a nicer ending? no? Tough guy! Tough! <<< SPOILER


I feel like I have not given my all to that drama. Maybe if I had been in a more serious mood, maybe if I had been more focused from the beginning then maybe, just maybe I would have loved that drama. I don’t know. I can’t go back and thus I can only come up with a negative conclusion. If you don’t mind length and non-existent romance I think this drama is for you. I’ll never say it enough: the twists are awesome and the music 남겨진 슬픔 is a must to hear! I hope Pride and Prejudice will work better on you than it worked on me.


“my relationship with this clingy drama”

Note de Dushbadou: 7/10
Note de Whoovy: 7.5/10
Note finale: 7.5/10