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Kill Me Heal Me (킬미힐미)

by Dushbadou


Synopsis: After a traumatic experience in his childhood, Cha Do Hyun suffers memory lapses and his personality then scattered into seven different identities. Wanting to regain control over his life he asks Oh Ri Jin, a first-year psychiatric resident, to try to helps him secretly, but she eventually falls in love with one of his personalities. Meanwhile, Ri Jin’s twin brother, Oh Ri On, is a famous mystery novelist who investigates about Do Hyun and his family.
source: dramalist

Country: South Korea
Episodes: 20
Genre: Mystery, Romance, Comedy, Melodrama
Aired: 2015
Network: MBC
Duration: 1hr2
Casting: Ji Sung, Hwang Jeung Eum, Park Seo Joon, Kim Yoo Ri etc…

I’m sincerely apologizing for all the spoilers I’ve put in this review. It was impossible to write (and to hold back all those feeeelss) without revealing a bit of it.


Ah Kill Me Heal Me…what an adventure! This drama has been my whole life for this last month. I wasn’t expecting that much. Actually I was more excited by the idea of starting Hyde, Jekyll and I with our Binnie than watching KMHM even though I’m an undisputed fan of Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum. The first episode didn’t shake me up and I was a bit disappointed by the first awful werewolf-like change of personality (I was really glad to see that they had finally given up this weird transformation). But it was nice despite everything (and in comparison to Hyde, Jekyll and I which made blunder after blunder it was way way better….but anyway it’s not the subject of today’s review so let’s forget it). Second, then third, fourth, fifth… episodes starting and ending before you even realize it. KMHM is a drama really easy to swallow…maybe a bit too easily. It was hard to wait every week the release of new episodes and internet had become my worst enemy with all its spoilers eyeing me up. The scriptwriters were pure genius in my opinion. I’m not saying that there weren’t any default in this drama but the explanation and reasoning were so intelligent that I eventually forgot them really quickly (almost as if they had never been there). It’s actually hard to describe all the stages they made me go through. They excited me, they scared me (>>>SPOILER- going through the “wait Cha Do Hyun and Oh Ji Rin are siblings? ew incest T-T, oh no wait she is actually his step sister? ew that’s not better! it still feels really wrong *disgusted face*” and finally the “oh boy they have no family link HALLELUJAH”-SPOILER<<<). They bamboozled us, made us believe certain things, made us focus on specific elements, divert our gaze from the reality which was right in front of us (>>>SPOILER- for example the fact that it was Oh Ri Jin who had been adopted and not Oh Ri On mouhaha -SPOILER<<<). I was taken aback more than one time (>>>SPOILER- Shin Se Gi’s name was brilliantly found: New century -> Shin Se Gi. Got it? -SPOILER<<<). It was like pulling a thread and falling on a series of knots which never ceased to grow and surprise us on our way. Since Cruel City I had never been that enthusiast about a plot or that satisfied by the scriptwriter’s quality of writing. From A to Z, they didn’t let us down. I was for example afraid of a plain happy ending but it was actually far from the case. Everyone was given a clean ending leaving me very very satisfied (and sad).


The characters were all really well-written apart maybe for Cha Ki Joon and Han Chae Yeon. Those two were kind of “useless”. I had not even noticed that in the mid term, their screen time had been greatly cut. The plot was thick enough without them and I’m glad the scriptwriters chose to give more importance to other characters and did not focus too much on the company issue. The way the story was handled was actually what I liked the most. They mainly focused on the disease itself and didn’t give priority to the romance or any other issues. The romance was narrowly intertwined with the rest but it didn’t overshadowed it, giving space to the development of a thick and very well thought story (I’m thinking about Hyde Jekyll and I there…. I know, I know I should not compare the two dramas since they are totally different! that’s just something I noticed so far: Hyde Jekyll and I looks more like the classic, plain rom-com than anything else. And I’m glad KMHM didn’t take this path…and the digression is now closed. Pinky swear it was the last time I talked about H,J & I).

What made the D.I.D subject so interesting was that it constantly brought surprises. We never knew which personality we were going to meet, keeping us constantly excited and impatient. Nothing was left to chance. Every details counted for each character: the name, the outfit, the personality. Everything was thus subject to suspense.

anigifAt first I really thought Cha Do Hyun would be the most boring personality. When I made this observation I was already and irreparably under Shin Se Gi’s charm. But in the space of one or two episodes I completely changed my mind. Soft, calm with his “차도현 입니다” (I’m Cha Do Hyun) he was the warmest character of the drama (he was like a cute puppy). Always sorry and taking responsibility for his other personalities, we can feel his pain, the burden of his existence. It’s impossible to remain insensitive, indifferent to him. He feels guilty for something he didn’t commit. His entire life was screwed by other people. And yet he is the only one seeking for atonement. He is the one who sacrificed the most. A character who constantly feels sorry can be boring (and pitiful) but that wasn’t the case of Cha Do Hyun. Far from being a wimp (when we think about it he could have turned like that) he changes and gets stronger. It was a really pleasant evolution to watch. As well as his growing love for Oh Ri Jin (I loved Oh Ri Jin’s constant confusion between him and Se Gi. Hwang Jung Eum and Ji Sung are one drama match made from heaven).


Like a boss!

Shin Se Gi- or the guy better at putting eye-liner and doing his hair than you- was, from what I’ve seen on the net, one of the most appreciated personality. I can’t deny, I also thought he would be my favourite personality. I liked this character’s psychology but at the end he wasn’t really the one I preferred on my screen. He only appeared as a total, hot, bewitching badass at first. But along the episode we got to see his true self. He was the most broken among all the personality. He was the one who had to handle the truth while Cha Do Hyun ran away to hide. I could only sympathize with him. I fully understood his feeling of being unfairly treated and why he wanted to take full control of Cha Do Hyun’s body.

ZFJEntFPerry Park was a refreshing character. The kind of buddy we would like to have (if we put aside his obsession for bombs!). He wasn’t the most unforgettable but weirdly, he was the only one who made me sincerely cry when he left (it was sad and hard to let them all go but this one…! aish, a very beautiful and moving good-bye). I will miss his accent.

kmhm_photo150129133112imbcdrama0It’s hard to describe Ahn Yo Sub. He had only a very few appearance and was the most cliché (the suicidal poet -really cute pronunciation of the French poem in the last episode by the way *wink, wink*). Yet he managed to leave his own mark. He had this very calming, peaceful and sad aura that made me want to protect him. Maybe more discreet than the other but not less forgettable.

tumblr_niyzg79uVf1qmyyxjo2_500It’s really hard to choose a favourite personality among all the seven but I think Ahn Yo Na was the one I liked the most! Not in term of psychology. She was less interesting and less developed. Compared to the other I was less satisfied by the explanation they gave to her existence. But she was the most enjoyable! I thought Perry Park would be the one making me laugh the most, but I was completely wrong. Every time she appeared it was a guaranteed chuckle (probably to the detriment of my poor neighbours who must have been waken up more than one time by my very loud laugh).

Nana and Mr X were the most discreet personality. Actually I had even lost hope to see Nana in flesh and I thought they had completely forgotten about Mr X and wouldn’t introduced him to us. Just like the other they were really well-thought, specially Mr X. I expected nothing from him. I thought he would just be the Inner Self Helper of Cha Do Hyun, and thus wouldn’t be as striking as the other. What a pleasant twist to see that he was more than that. As for Nana I liked the fact that they made the scene with Oh Ri Jin’s child version rather than Nana in Cha Do Hyun’s body. The scene was much stronger like that (one weird experience for Oh Ri Jin).

kmhm_photo150109113619imbcdrama0Oh Ri Jin seduced me right away. All bubbly, funny, optimistic, constantly pulling faces (Hwang Jung Eum definitely knows how to do that!), screaming…she is the kind of heroine who could not let me indifferent. Moving from the funny romantic heroine to a deeper character she managed to grasp my full attention. Even though I liked her first facet I was afraid to see her fall into plainness and be completely overshadowed by Cha Do Hyun (well she was still a bit less interesting than him but she was far from being outdone). Fortunately she took this unexpected and much appreciated turn (>>> mini spoiler –being Cha Do Hyun’s trigger was from far the best idea the scriptwriters had– mini spoiler <<<).

Oh Ri On was really nice. I really liked what the scriptwriters made of this character. I was really afraid of seeing him become a sort of plain, taxing, pitiful third wheel -the ones dramaland knows so well. That would have broken my heart to see Park Seo Joon in such role (well I was still a bit sad for him but that was fine). Fortunately he stick really well to the original draft sketched by the scriptwriters: that is to say Ri Jin’s oppa (=brother). The furtive mentions of Oh Ri On’s true feeling were enough. Their relation as sibling was the best. Constantly nagging, bickering, calling each other “brother/ sister” in a cute Engrish… It would have been unbearable to see their complicity being sacrificed because of an awkward love confession.

killme4-00261-vertWe can lump together all the member of Cha Do Hyun’s family: the uncle, the father, the mother and the grand-ma….all rotten to the core. Cha Do Hyun’s mother and grand ma were nonetheless the ones who retain most of my attention. Their role made me wonder: who was actually the real monster in the family? The father was painted as the big bad wolf (and he sure was!) but I found the by-stander as -to not say more- awful as the perpetrator himself. These were the most repellent roles. For one it was closing her eyes because of her blood-relation with him and the other was for pure selfishness and ambition. Both buried the truth and strongly refused to face it again. >>>SPOILER- The scene where Cha Do Hyun confesses his disease to her mother deeply moved me. She doesn’t even bother asking him how is he. The only thing who comes to her mind is hiding the truth from the company to protect his reputation. Before that we clearly saw what kind of character she was but I think that scene was the climax of her character. SPOILER<<< Finally the only “flaw” I could, maybe, retain is the fact that the scriptwriters did not really tell us what was going to happen to them (>>>SPOILER specially the father who awoke…-SPOILER<<<). But then again it wasn’t really a “flaw” for me since I was too interested by the main leads to really care about them.

I can’t conclude without saying two quick words on Dr Seok Ho Pil, Ri Jin’s mother & father, and Secretary Ahn Gook. Less memorable maybe but all very nice nonetheless. I loved the relation they all had with both Cha Do Hyun and Oh Ri Jin. They helped defuse the plot in their own way. Just like every characters in this drama (apart for the grand-ma and Cha Do Hyun’s mother) they all contained both deepness and funny facet, perfectly balancing the drama.
[And it was really nice to see my favourite supportive/second lead actress Kim Seul Gin in the first fourths episodes. When she is in the casting you can be sure she is gonna bring some fun]


KMHM is a must see! A masterpiece: great ost, bunch of very talented actor (specially Ji Sung who in my opinion, is the kind of actor who becomes more and more talented with years! They were all very great. The child’s actors were also quite impressive), a plot full of surprise, very nice characters and awesome pictures. I couldn’t have asked for more.
Reason for being sad now:
1. it’s now over. The aftermath of such drama is gonna be really tough.
2. no Ji Sung (and Lee Bo Young for all that matter) for a while since a baby is on her way.
3. Some great, future casting are in the talk but for now it seems like only vampire dramas are waiting us T-T
Let’s go grieve people, let’s go grieve!

tumblr_nl6s3yWg7a1sh8uxlo1_500credit to dramatroll

Note de Dushbadou: 10/10
Note de Whoovy: 10/10
Note finale: 10/10