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My PS Partner (나의 P.S. 파트너)

by Dushbadou


Synopsis: Yoon Jung accidentally calls a stranger, instead of her boyfriend, and has phone sex with the unknown man. When Yoon Jung’s relationship with her boyfriend turns sour, Yoon Jung meets Hyun Seung, the stranger she had phone sex with. Yoon Jung falls in love with the man.
source: dramalist
/!\ -19 (in Korea) /!\

Country: South Korea
Genre: Comedy, romance, mature
Aired: 2012
Director: Byun Sung-Hyun
Duration: 1h56
Casting: Jisung, Kim Ah Joon, Shin So Yool, Kang Kyung Jool…

So before starting anything let’s get it straight: My PS Partner is not just a sex movie…but just some piece of advise: 1) don’t watch it with your family like I did the first time (well it was just with my sisters, that could have been worst), cause it inevitably lead to some moment of awkwardness.
2) give an actual chance to the movie before stopping it after 10 minutes.


My PS Partner wasn’t what I expected back then. I thought it would only be a classic rom-com, perfect for relaxing. It was indeed a rom-com but not as classic as it seemed. The movie seems to be edited in reverse. The romance is not brought to us through the common step of a rom-com (the first meeting, first date, first kiss, an eventual sex scene and a wedding or at least a happy ending for the main characters) but rather through the “crude” part of the romance: the sex. The film opens in a bar. A bunch of friends are drinking together and simply talking about dick. Just like that. No taboo. I think I liked this movie precisely for that last point (do not think that I’m a perv for all that^^). The film goes on and the main characters -Hyun Sung and Yoon Jung- are actually “having sex” (phone sex) even before meeting each other. It frees them. They talk about everything and don’t hide their true self behind appearance. Hyun Seung (Ji Sung) is the perfect looser. He works in a small company against his will (must pay bill) and his girlfriend -So Yeon- has just broken up with him. His dream was to be a musician but he gave it up because of So Yeon who was constantly nagging him about it. He has completely lost faith in love and in himself. Yet he is not afraid to show this part of him to Yoon Jung (Kim Ah Joong). He cries in front of her when he is sad and tells her everything even his most ridicule/awkward moments. The exact opposite of Yoon Jung’s actual boyfriend- a complete jerk who always avoids confrontation with her. They never talk and do only what he wants when he wants. And I’m not even mentioning the cheating part (well she is not all white either considering her relation with Hyun Seung *cough*). I think Hyun Seung- Yoon Jung’s relation is more sane than any other fake romance and that’s what I liked about that movie.


My PS Partner is not a movie who will awe you by its aestheticism (cause there is not any), but rather by its boldness and realism. There are of course some clichés (the stranger with whom you’re having sex calls is hot like hell in reality! of course, that’s a given! *cough*) but overall it was an amusing approach. Sex is well and truly a part of the romance and I don’t see why it should always been showed through pink-glasses. I think it somehow gave more “deepness” to the characters and subject (I’m not saying that this movie is highly philosophic, don’t get me wrong!).

As for the acting: thumbs-up. Those characters were probably not the most difficult to act (apart for the sex scenes maybe…but that’s their job after all) but all the actors gave properly life to all of them. I really enjoyed Jisung and Kim Ah Joong’s chemistry and found pretty amazing Shin So Yool.


To conclude My PS Partner -without being THE movie to absolutely watch- is a nice work. It didn’t really affect me (I had actually forgotten it until I watched the episode of “Happy Together” with the casting as guests) but it didn’t let me indifferent either. I didn’t get bored even though it was my second watching. And I think we can qualify a movie as pretty entertaining when we’re able to enjoy it even though we already know the ending.

Bonus: awesome ost (I leave you the pleasure to go see the lyrics by yourself héhé)

Kim Ah Joong version (less bawdy and thus less funny but as beautiful)

Note de Dushbadou: 8/10
Note de Whoovy: 8/10
Note finale: 8/10