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God’s Gift- 14 Days (신의 선물 – 14일)

by Dushbadou


Synopsis: Kim Soo Hyun is always very demanding concerning her daughter, Saet Byoel. But tragedy strikes when she is kidnapped and killed, leaving Soo Hyun and her husband, Han Ji Hoon, with no clues as to who could have done such a terrible thing and why. Detective Ki Dong Chan struggles to find the killer, while Hyeon Woo Jin, who shares a past with Soo Hyun, tries to do what he can. But Soo Hyun is given a chance to go back in time to change the course of events.

Informations :
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 16
Genre: Crime, drama, thriller
Aired: 2014
Network: SBS
Duration: 1hr5
Casting:Lee Bo Young, Jo Seung Woo, Kim Tae Woo, Jung Gyu Woon, Kim Yoo Bin

God’s Gift is a drama full of colours and emotions: great ost, talented actors and a plot deeply moving. I was under its spell. It was hard to stop once I had begun.
We are truly and simply thrown into a horrible story at the speed of a galloping horse. The tears start to flow long before you realize what happened. Just for that I’m giving a round of applause to the scriptwriters: a drama that manages to make me cry in such a short period of time can only leave me a strong impression.


I wasn’t expecting the supernatural effects (I had never really thought about the drama’s title in fact) and was therefore caught short by this amazing twist. I was also taken aback by the plot’s speed. Events flew non-stop, leaving barely the time to get over them. That was actually maybe one of the biggest flaw of the show. We were shunted between the various investigations/culprits and sometimes without good transitions. Though we never reached improbability, sometimes the scriptwriter took the matter a bit too far. In my opinion the drama would not have been damaged if the pace had been slowed down, some elements of the investigations more developed and some presumed culprits as well as some twists skipped. I’m a big fan of twists but it was hard to see the whole picture here. I was constantly wondering what would come next since it always seemed like the characters had resolved everything. As a result I had the feeling to be somehow stuck in an endless loop where the hero had to fight a new enemy in each episode.


That pattern could have been tiresome but fortunately the writing quality never worsened. I was therefore never bored despite the repetitiveness of the drama. I lived it, I lived every pain, every chase. That’s gonna sound ridiculous but my heart beat at the rhythm of the characters’ ones. That was the strength of the drama in my opinion. The character were wonderfully complex and well written. Each episode brought new informations and surprises. What started as a simple case of serial murder ended up in a terrifying psychological war involving high politicians, lawyers and policemen. If I were to summarize God’s Gift I would say that it was a good deal of actions (fights that take your breath away), manipulations, hatred, tears, smile, love and struggle.

1Kim Soo Hyun (Lee Bo Young) was an impressive mother. I’m not sure everyone would have went as far as her. Of course every mum in the world would do anything to save their child but Kim Soo Hyun was definitely from another level. A go-getter and obstinate person. That’s definitely the best word to describe her. I was amazed by this ordinary yet brave woman who juggled between weakness and strength, fear and boldness. Her temperament was sometimes a bit too much maybe. I knew that she was ready to do anything for her daughter and that they had to act quickly but sometimes she was too reckless in my opinion. Fortunately Ki Dong Chan was always there to rescue her and clean up after her. Besides at the end, Lee Bo Young’s amazing performance was always there to offset the slights flaw of her character. In short Kim Soo Hyun was a very positive character.

9bb743c10a3bc5373d99923620168dbbKi Dong Chan (Jo Seung Woo) was not a very charismatic character at first. Kind of country-bumpkin/loser like. I was sceptical as to whether or not I would grow to like him. I was, as a result, surprised by my sudden change of heart. His character was the strongest and the saddest. He went through a lot and it was always a delight to see an episode focus on his story. I’ve rarely seen a character be that eat up by his past. The worst was to watch him struggle with his conscience while we, spectator, already knew the whole and ugly truth. Full of anger, regret, but above all of goodness, Ki Dong Chan conveyed many feeling! When he smiled I smiled, when he cried I cried. First time since a while, I’ve been that moved by a character.
Cho Seung Woo was a complete stranger but now that I’ve seen what he is capable of, I definitely want to see him again on my screen.

god-giftI knew from the start -from what people had told me- that Han Ji Hoon (Kim Tae Woo) was fishy. He was the incarnation of exasperation. Every layer that hid his true face was amazing. He was definitely the character the most surprising but not in a good way. The more time flew the more he worsened. However his evolution was not for the least exaggerated and actually well-balanced. At the end I couldn’t entirely condemn him despite his actions. He made wrong decision and didn’t anticipate them. He complicated everything and didn’t deserve the title of father. Completely powerless and incompetent he finally got on his knees and begged Ki Dong Chan to save his daughter. He was completely pitiful and that’s finally the only feeling I will retain about his charcter.

20140402_1396366363_03677100_1Hyun Woo Jin (Jung Gyu Woon) was really twisty. I didn’t expect much of his character and was actually indifferent to him during 3/4 of the drama. But one thing I had learnt in this drama was to never trust and prejudice characters. They were for most of them more than what eyes met. The story didn’t turn around Hyun Woo Jin but somehow he managed to leave an impression almost as strong as the other, with one and only one scene ( >>>>SPOILER- this night’s scene where he is beaten up under the cherry blossom: heartbreaking and beautiful -SPOILER <<<< I never thought I would be moved by this character). The revelations about him were also quite strong and interesting. A character that manages to make you go through several stage of emotions- even if is not a main lead- is a character that deserves to be mentioned, isn’t he?

Img0402_20140312171642_5Han Saet Byul (Kim Yoo Bin) was the sweet little girl that we all wanted to protect during the drama. That we probably all wanted to slap too, when she ran away without warning. A little girl who never meant any harm, and liked helping strangers (the number of heart attack I had because of her behaviour!). All in all, a normal girl: innocent, carefree, smiley, watery, capricious, cute and sometimes very mature for her age. Kim Yoo Bin was amazing! Based a drama on the shoulder of a 9 years old girl was a risky bet but she definitely had the stature for it. I hope she will get many role in the future cause she is really promising.

What I liked the most about all those characters (and all the ones I didn’t mention like Young Gu -Baro- and Ki Dong Ho that I really loved) was their realistic features. We never fell into absurdity or overdose in their writing. They were perfect from A to Z (even though I mentioned a slightly note for Kim Soo Hyun).


Overall it was an intelligent story even though a bit on the long side. But a drama that manages to convey that much feeling despite its plot’s defects (which were really negligible) is definitely a good drama! The character’s writing, the ost, the making and the A.MA.ZING acting are definitely enough to make you forget and wholly forgive the very few mistakes of God’s Gift.


sooooo cute!

Note de Dushbadou: 9/10
Note de Whoovy: 7.5/10
Note finale: 8.5/10