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Falling for Innocence (순정에 반하다)

by Dushbadou


Synopsis: Min-Ho’s father ran a large company, but his death led to his uncle taking over the company and to Min-Ho’s growing into a cutthroat investor. But then his personality changes when the merciless corporate head hunter undergoes a heart transplant surgery. Thanks to his new heart, Min-Ho begins to have warm feelings and he falls in love with a woman named Soon-Jung.
source: dramalist

Informations :
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 16
Genre: Comedy, melodrama, romance
Aired: 2015
Network: jTBC
Duration: 60 min
Casting: Jung Kyung Ho, Yoon Hyun Min, Kim So Yeon etc…

french version

 Falling For Innocence was agreeable and refreshing. We can’t say that it was an extraordinary drama in term of twists, surprises (>>>SPOILER- except for the heart rejection in episode 15- had not seen that coming- and the exhilarating ending!-SPOILER<<<). But we can’t either say that it really affected the plot. The atmosphere and the characters were enough in themselves to make of FFI a great drama. The plot was perfectly balanced between love story and business plot, humour and seriousness. I admit sometimes we were closed from some slapstick humour (you know how I hate that) but you probably noticed: I said CLOSED not HAD. It was just the perfect amount of gag. Since Kill Me Heal Me I had not found any drama able to make me laugh or at least smile (neither cry for all that matters). It definitely enters the top 10 dramas with the most unforgettable reply and heart-warming moments for me. That’s why FFI was for me more than just a pleasant drama. I really got into it and swallowed all the episodes in a row.


At the worst the only point we could retain against the drama would be the business affair which tended to go round and round. But honestly it would only be to say something negative about the drama cause I was in fact not really bothered by that aspect. The romance was always there to back up those boring meetings as well as Kang Min Ho (as long as he was in a room that was enough, right? 😉 ). The whole debate about “what’s love?” and the character’s struggle about that matter was the most important and were amply enough to make me forget those fights for power and its repetition. And we can’t deny the fact that they were also necessary to spice the plot, challenge the main couple and make Kang Min Ho evolve .

20150429_092807_1021.jpg.tn580Kang Min Ho was really the one carrying the drama. I’m rarely nice towards cute main-lead (both girls or boys) cause most of the time they are just too much and only manage to make me grind. But here Kang Min Ho moved from a charismatic, sexy but over-selfish bastard to a sweet, hilarious child. His evolution was definitely the core of the drama. We could clearly see the scriptwriters (and Jung Kyung Ho) having more and more fun with his character without for all that ever exceed the limit of dullness. At first it was strange to see the character change as quickly as he did. But on a second though, I think the process was more than well developed. We see a Kang Min Ho totally dumbfounded by his sudden change of tastes and behaviour (my favourite was the: “You’re the one who’s hurt so why am I crying?” so beautiful!). He grows, turns into a human. He becomes the sun of the drama. Everyone revolved around him. No matter whom he touched he always managed to diffuse warmness, fun and make the other character bright at their turn (even though less brightly than him). His relation with his secretary (couldn’t even see at the end who was the boss between the two of them haha) with Wendy (Detective Na) and Dong Wook’s father were simply hilarious.


Their characters would probably not have been as nice without him. But Min Ho wasn’t only this 9 years old child completely excited by his new discovery: love. At time he was more than an adult could be. Tired, serious, responsible, and most of all hurt; he was a real man. His childish personality was nothing compare to his guilty feeling: guilty feeling of having survived Kim Sun Jeong’s fiancé whereas it was not even his fault for example. To sum up he could turn your laugh to tears in a split second . That was the genius of his character: turning you upside down no matter what he did.

anigifKang Min Ho’s writing was obviously nice from the start but it would certainly not have been the same without Jung Kyung Ho’s flawless, lively performance. All his hard work to bring the right emotion, wholly transcended the original potential of his character. And I’m not complimenting him just because he is my favourite actor (héhé ❤ ). I sincerely think he deserves to be praised whether you’re a fan or not.

20150526_164349_8867.jpg.tn580Kim Sun Jeong was not an extraordinary heroine. I liked her but not really for herself (she was not lively enough and more plain than most characters of the drama). I think Kang Min Ho helped a lot in my appreciation of her to be honest (at least at first). She is a workaholic who holds all her feeling inside and rarely shows her true face. After the death of her fiancé she is immediately caught in an awkward love triangle. I was actually amazed by her self-control (seriously I would have put Joo Hee back to his position even quicker than she did!). She was a character really easy to understand, down-to-earth and that was probably what at the end tipped the scales in her favour, if we put aside Min Ho. The scriptwriter made a great work taking their time detailing her behaviour. It might have been a bit frustrating for some people to see her turn her back against Min Ho >>>SPOILER- just because she had learnt that he had Dong Wook’s heart inside of him (episode 13 -SPOILER<<<). But for me it was actually a really clever choice (even though obvious). We saw her pushed back Min Ho during the whole drama because of Dong Wook but somehow it always felt like his memory lived more through the other character than her. And I have to admit: it was one of the point that bothered me the most until then (it felt like her relation with Min Ho lacked something and went too fast even though in reality they moved step by step). I somehow began to fully liked her, to fully be reconciled with her character when she put clear words on her inner turmoil. Min Ho was finally less needed in my appreciation of her character.
That put aside I liked her personality overall (even though she wasn’t bright enough for me). I loved seeing her protecting Kang Min Ho like a mother. If their chemistry was a complete success it was mainly because of their inherent nature: Min Ho the adult acting like a child, Sun Jeong the child who grew up too fast. They perfectly completed each other, making their pairing beautiful (even though Kim So Yeon looked less in love than Jung Kyung Ho^^)

20150421_091501_2188.jpg.tn580Joo Hee was undoubtedly the weakest link of that drama, unfortunately. I never thought his character would actually turn out to be such monster. I never thought he would be such a drag too. For me he was just supposed to be the cute best-friend, third wheel: period. Actually in the first episodes he was depicted as such. And I really loved his friendship with Kim Sun Jeong. That was painful to see him in this never-ending one sided love actually. I truly pitied him! but that pity was smashed to pieces once Ma Dong Wook was out of the picture (>>>SPOILER- apart maybe at the very very end despite he had got what he deserved -SPOILER<<<). I tried to understand his motive, >>>SPOILER- I tried to believe that he had not kill his best friend just to serve his ambition -even though that was obvious from the start that he was the culprit– SPOILER<<<, I tried to not judge him too quickly even when I saw him confess his feeling to Kim Sun Jeong (her fiancé died 2 months ago dude! kind of insensitive and rude). I really tried to like his character to sum up. But I just couldn’t. He was completely irrational as a character. I was slightly touched by his past but wasn’t in the least convinced by it. I didn’t see how that could justify his behaviour. On one hand he was depicted as super smart with all his plot against Hermia and on the other hand he just embodied stupidity. By acting like he did with the company (>>>SPOILER- I’m mainly thinking about the time when he sent some gangster to dismiss the worker’s demonstration -SPOILER<<<) I don’t understand how he could believe that Kim Sun Jeong would love him. And he complained about how he was treated all his life like a dog…why did he not change of company when he saw what was happening to him in Hermia? I know it’s not easy to find a job but that’s better to try >>>SPOILER- than turn into a criminal -SPOILER<<<. It was actually both sad and funny to see how his situation became more and more desperate as the episode went. His character finally ended up in a never-ending loop (>>>SPOILER- me, gullible, had some hope when his father killed himself to save him. I thought that would change him, at least a bit. But nop! not even slightly -SPOILER<<<) making him quite dull.
As unpleasant was Joo Hee, Yoon Hyun Min did a great job as a villain. He proves once again that he can both play the role of a very cute best friend (Witch Romance) or a villain. I hope to see him in more main role in the future.


In short FFI was for me like a giant but light ice-cream: refreshing, delicious yet not in the least sickening even though we had a cute hero, silly situation, and a great deal of humour. A drama great for summer time! The only thing I can tell is: watch it!


He is such a pet ❤ I want one like him *-*

 Note de Dushbadou: 9/10
Note de Whoovy: 9/10
Note finale: 9/10

(NB: in my heart it was a 9.5 but because of the lack of explanation at the end, I had to be fair and not let my Kyung Ho disease overwhelms me^^ -dushbadou)