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Heartstrings (넌 내게 반했어)

Original: Whoovy
Translation: Dushbadou

514615_1386646325_Heartstrings Synopsis: Set at an art university, the youth romance drama “Festival” depicts the sweat and tears of students who run towards their dreams of love and friendship.
source: asianwiki

Informations :
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 15
Genre: Comedy, romance
Aired: 2011
Duration: 1hr5
Casting: Park Shin Hye, Jung Yong Hwa, So Yi Hyun, Song Chang Ui, Minhyuk etc…

French version

 First watching: wow I loved it bladibladibla….*fangirling*
Second watching: hmm…it was …how can I say it….It felt like watching a Korean “Un Dos Tres” XD More seriously it was definitely less good the second time! That remained an entertaining  drama but yeh… watch it only once! That’s more than enough in my opinion.

fallinlove_photo110817140703imbcdrama4-tileFor the fan of the couple YongHwa/Shin Hye, go for it! I know that many people had been disappointed to see Park Shin Hye’s character in You’re Beautiful -Go Mi Nam- ending up with Hwang Tae Kyung (Jang Geun Seok). In that way Heartstrings was undoubtedly YongHwa’s revenge! For the first time in his acting career, he manages to get the girl *round of applause ladies and gentlemen*. It was actually for that purpose that I watched Heartstrings to be honest. His role in You’re Beautiful was so annoying (the archetype of the third wheel who doesn’t know when to leave the game for its own sake *sigh*) that it still makes me shiver when I think about it. Anyway…all that to say that Heartstrings worth the watch at least for its romance. The main couple worked very well (and still had a great chemistry even at my second watching).


Let’s go back to the story…I’m not gonna lie the plot was desperately short in term of dynamism. But the overall tone prevented the drama to be completely boring. I’ve always loved story that evolved in the world of music and I have to say: I was not in the least disappointed here. The ost was really great. I really liked the confrontation between the different type of music (tradictional one VS modern one) and how the whole story was developed in a very refreshing and colourful way. To sum up Heartstrings doesn’t shine for its scenario but it has, at least, the merit to make your heart flutters. It’s an uncomplicated drama that will make you happy if you give it a shot.

Now the character: let’s get straight to it, shall we? None of them was surprising to be honest, but their sweetness made up for most of them.

fallinlove_photo110630171438imbcdrama1First couple: Park Shin Hye played the role of Lee Kyu Won, a student in traditional music. She matched perfectly the image of the typical teenage girl of dramaland: slightly clumsy (hard to believe that she could actually walk straight, without falling) and ninny (Park Shin Hye overplay wasn’t for nothing here), she couldn’t help herself to constantly lecture our hero. She had a big heart and numerous other “positive” qualites (relentless, innocent, considerate…) which made her almost perfect. Park Shin Hye was one of my favourite actress when I watched Heartstrings. Even if it’s not anymore the case (since Flower Boy Next Door and The Heirs -which traumatized me for life- I would tend to flee her projects) I have to admit: nobody plays as well as her that kind of role.

fallinlove_photo110727152817imbcdrama1YongHwa played the role of Lee Shin, a student in modern music and a member of the band “The Stupid” (pouhaha). Once again the scriptwriter didn’t take too much risks and transformed our hero into the basic teenager of dramaland (while we are at it, let’s keep on on the same path). Popular and arrogant, we can’t help ourselves to like him despite his bad personality (does it ring a bell to you? let me give you a clue: he was also an ass but a one with curly hair héhé). To be honest I didn’t like his character at first cause I had the feeling to see a second Shin Woo (You’re Beautiful) because of his one-sided love for the dance teacher. <Small digression: “Hear ye, hear ye scriptwriters who might work with YongHwa in the future (unfortunately it’s already too late for Marry Him If You Dare): stop making him play the role of the clinging, pitiful guy, please! I beg of you”. End of the digression>. But fortunately my interest for him finally grew along the episodes. His personality started to change with his growing feeling for Lee Kyu Won. Even though it was really cliché, we can’t deny the fact that it was more agreeable to see him engage in a sane love which made him warmer than in a crappy one-sided love. YongHwa did a good work overall even though it was definitely not the actor of the year.
fallinlove_photo110704102146imbcdrama1-horzSecond couple: was constituted of the dance teacher, Jung Yoon Soo (So Yi Hyun) and the head teacher Kim Seok Hyun (played by Song Chang Ui). This secondary romance was a small bonus in the drama. They let me completely indifferent the first time while they completely irritated me the second one. And it was mainly because of the head teacher Kim Seok Hyun. I found him annoying throughout the whole drama. His behaviours were most of the time irrational and it was therefore not surprising to see misunderstanding raising afterwards. And icing on the cake: I didn’t like Song Chang Ui’s performance. However I liked Jung Yoon Soo who somehow managed to balance Kim Seok Hyun’s defaults. It would have been nice to see her a bit more though (to balance a bit more Seok Hyun’s default who was still too annoying).
7283610b6be545508e877771810bd091-horzThird couple: Here we definitely reached the bottom of the drama even though I love Minhyuk from CNBlue. His character was just….annoying? His cuteness was too much. That was fine 5 minutes but 15 episodes? I just wanted to tear my hair out every time he made an appearance. Too much cuteness, kill the cuteness. But the worst was his “Natacha” (aka Han Hee Joo played by the actress Woo Ri). She was odious! However hard the scriptwriters played the card “that’s not her fault”, “that’s because of her mother”, “that’s not easy for her” bladibladibla…that never worked with me. And she treated MinHyuk like crap! Here I say no! No matter how irritating his character was, nobody treats cutie like that.

The second lead remained nice overall and brought more fun to the drama (especially Lee Kyu Won’s best friend).

CL: Heartstrings is definitely not an unforgettable drama but is still a classic in dramaland. Pleasant to watch, he beats Dream High and co. in my opinion.

Got the girl but not a proper kiss. Poor Yong~ till the end you’re cursed

Note de Whoovy: 8/10
Note de Dushbadou: 7/10
Note finale: 7.5/10