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Missing Noir M (실종느와르 M)

Original: Whoovy
Translation: Dushbadou

ORXDn0Synopsis: Gil Su Hyeon is extremely intelligent. At the age of 10, he attended Harvard University and after graduating, he went to work at the FBI. 10 years later, he decided to come back to South Korea. He now works as the leader of the Special Missing Persons Unit. The unit deals with about 1% of special missing cases involving violent crimes.
source: dramalist

Informations :
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 10
Genre: Business, life, comedy, drama
Aired: 2015
Network: OCN
Duration: 1h20
Casting: Kim Kang Woo, Park Hee Sun, Jo Bo Ah, Kim Gyu Chul, Park So Hyun…

French version

That drama is worth a bomb! First time in a long while, since OCN had not produced such nugget. Missing Noir M is a drama that blows you away with its plot, its making, its OST. The opening was amazing and somewhat reminiscent of the British drama Sherlock (BBC). Perfect from the start in short.

Dark and mysterious, Missing Noir M displayed all the ingredients of a good thriller. Yet it managed to stand out in the genre thanks to the moral and psychological questions the drama tackled. We could feel how much the scriptwriters granted importance to the lowest details. She gave life -without exception- to all the characters whether they were main lead or only guests. She described thoroughly each of their behaviour, way of thinking, so as to give us a better understanding of them. The investigations were also remarkably well-written. They usually started slowly but quickly gained more depht. New clues always appeared making it impossible for us to guess the ending. Those elements of surprise made the show even more enjoyable, as the last minutes always had me glued on my seat in an awe. But what I liked the most in that drama was the realistic and human dimension which aimed to show the repercussion a decision could have on the future. A second was enough to irremediably change someone’s life. The scriptwriter also raised several complex questions about good/evil, justice/injustice raising undoubtedly the quality of the plot. To sum up Missing Noir M was a really intelligent work.

b1zw9XlL_9aba0b_f-tileThe outstanding casting was what seduced me in that drama. Both the performance of the main trio (Kim Kang Woo, Jo Bo Ah et Park Hee Sun) and the famous guests (Kang Ha Neul ep 1-2 / Park Hae Jun ep3-4) were perfect from A to Z. A drama that shone on all level  in short (or at least almost all of them).

O3okDRl3_ef14f5_f-tileMissing Noir M had a few flaws. Two elements bothered me: first the irregular duration of the episodes. Some of them lasted longer than others, and some investigations were stretched on two episodes making it hard sometimes to understand (especially the first investigation ep1-2). Secondly the silence kept about the trio. It would have been awesome to see a bit more of their past. But well, those “flaws” were only details which didn’t damage my appreciation of the show.

Like always the main team in OCN consists of three characters:

tumblr_noyoc1GeFQ1qmm6lho3_540Gil Su Hyeon (Kim Kang Woo) was a charismatic and smart character. A mysterious and disturbing aura issued from his person, raising like this multiple questions about him. It was therefore easy for me to fall for that guy (especially as he was played by the VERY good-looking Kim Kang Woo:3 ). But what I liked the most about Gil Su Hyeon was how accessible he was. Far from putting him on a boring pedestal, the scriptwriter attracted our attention on his doubts, pain and mistakes. By doing so she made of Gil Su Hyeon a very human character. Completely unpredictable, he was half-white, half-black and in that sense fascinating. Kim Kang Woo embodied his character with strength and realism. That’s how he entered my TOP 5 Best actor (true story!).

Sans titreOh Dae Yeong (Park Hee Sun) was a character more down-to-earth but as brilliant as Gil Su Hyeon. He brought a certain breeze to the drama, in particular with his wife who was super cute. He was probably the one who moved me the most in the main trio. Just like Gil Su Hyeon, Oh Dae Yeong was a very human character. He was the one who threw himself the most into the investigation, emotionally speaking. We could feel his deep connection with the victims (>>>> SPOILER- the 10th episode was awesome in that way since Oh Dae Yeong became at his turn a victim. Splendid master stroke from the scriptwriter! That episode literally broke my heart -SPOILER <<<<). He was someone who fully believed in justice before realising how powerless it could be in front of some situations. In the end he let himself being completely consumed by emotions. Park Hee Sun played those emotions with lots of sincerity. An amazing performance for an outstanding character.

Sans titreJin Seo Jun (Jo Bo Ah) was a character rather discreet even though vital to the team. I would have liked to see her step forward a bit more. Fortunately the scriptwriter didn’t fully forget her and gave us a full episode about her story (ep 7), allowing us to catch more glimpse of her personality and to bring her closer to Gil Su Hyeon (hope is what makes us live!). She was a cool and detached character that made us smile as much as Gil Su Hyeon and Oh Dae Yeong. Although she was the only girl (if we put aside the coroner), Jin Seo Jun didn’t let herself being led blindly by the nose. Unfortunately the scriptwriter only broached that feature of her personality without dwelling it. We could feel nonetheless that Gil Su Heyon and Oh Dae Yeong’s relationship would not have been the same without her. Jin Seo Jun was, in short, a pleasant character who did its bit. Jo Bo Ah’s performance was like always satisfying.

%5BOCN%5D_%EC%8B%A4%EC%A2%85%EB%8A%90%EC%99%80%EB%A5%B4_M.E06.150502.HDTV.H264-tileFor those who love OCN’s drama, Missing Noir M will definitely not disappoint you. This jewel is really worth the watch. As for those who already watched it, let’s just pray for a season 2!


“Watch it!” *threat mode*

 Note de Whoovy: 9/10
Note de Dushbadou: 9.5/10
Note finale: 9.5/10