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Hyde, Jekyll and I (하이드 지킬, 나)

Original: Whoovy
Translation: Dushbadou

2949857993_WB7kvocL_ED9598EC9DB4EB939CECA780ED82ACEB8298ED8FACEC8AA4ED84B0Synopsis: Gu Seo Jin is a third-generation chaebol who runs the theme park Wonder Land. He seemingly has everything — looks, brains, and fortune. But a traumatic incident in his childhood resulted in Seo Jin having a split personality. Because of this, he vows to never date or marry. Seo Jin wants to get rid of the circus show at Wonder Land, but he butts heads with circus master Jang Ha Na. Ha Na insists on saving the failing circus and dreams of revamping it back to its former glory. She soon finds herself falling for both of Seo Jin’s personalities.

Informations :
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 20
Genre: Romance, comedy
Aired: 2015
Network: SBS
Duration: 1hr
Casting: Hyun Bin, Han Ji Min, Sung Joon, Hyeri (Girl’s Day)…

French version

After taking 3/4 months of break, I finally finished (by pressing the flash forward button) Hyde, Jekyll and I. You might remember my great impatience to watch that drama (cf: A Winter in dramaland)…well there are no words to describe my disappointment. I prefer to tell you right now: I’m gonna have a hard time being completely objective here. I’m sure Hyde, Jekyll and I had some qualities but I’m afraid I forgot all of them during those long months of pause. It would seem that my memory only kept in stock its negative points. You’ve been warned, fan of Hyde, Jekyll and I !

Let’s start by a short introduction in 5 points:
1. The webtoon author repeatedly accused Kill Me Heal Me of plagiarism. Not very fair play all that.

2. An opponent of a higher level and comparisons automatically made between the two dramas. I have named: Kill Me Heal Me

3. A character who constantly reminded me of Robin from Batman.

ezgif.com-gif-maker4. Lots of wtf


5. And finally, let me give you a little advise: don’t be tricked by Binnie!

dramafeversourceThat being said, let’s get to the heart of the matter now! Without necessarily drawing comparisons between H,J & I and KMHM, the biggest flaw of the drama was nonetheless for me, its idea of split personality. The scriptwriter completely failed at convincing me. I didn’t understand why he always made Robin appeared at a precise hour. I didn’t know this disease could be that convenient. Not really believable all that…but after all a drama is a fiction. If the scriptwriter liked the idea to transform his main character into a modern Cendrillon then so be it. But don’t expect me to applaud that choice cause it might not look like, but that matter greatly played a role in my appreciation of the drama. Because of this poor writing Robin became for me, more like a twins brother than a personality of Gu Seo Jin.
The drama’s cornerstone being greatly weakened by that previous point, it wasn’t surprising to also have, in the end, a weak story. In fact I’ve rarely seen such empty plot! It was a mix of boring romance, crappy police investigation lead by incompetent and useless characters (from the same kind as Gu Seo Jin’s cousin: Ryu Seung Yeon who was highly ridicule with his Spoke haircut) and predictable twists (>>>SPOILER- honestly who had not guessed that Sung Joon was the villain of the story? -SPOILER<<<). Nothing appealing! In the end the scriptwriter seemed to have bet everything on the romance. The tricky thing about that decision was that the romance didn’t work…AT ALL. The ‘I save you, you save me’ pattern quickly became bloody annoying. And I’m not even talking about the non-existent chemistry between the two main lead. It’s not because you have two super hot actors that the couple automatically works.

Img0404_20150326132259_4-tileIn fact, the scriptwriter did not even try to make his story more interesting. Well didn’t try…that’s not entirely true. He did try to make us believe -for two seconds- to a third personality, and I have to admit I almost fell into the trap! But that…what’s his name again?…ah yeh, Terry disappeared as quickly as he had appeared, letting us, poor spectators completely frustrated. Thanks for giving us false hope!

Img0404_20150331172450_2Gu Seo Jin and Robin (Hyun Bin) both let me down. I can’t say I like one more than the other. The scriptwriter just wrote two personalities completely opposed: a warm, nice guy (Robin) and a cold, selfish chaebol (Gu Seo Jin). It was as easy as that. This writing was too simple, too plain  to make them worthy of any interest. Gu Seo Jin embodied the traditional CEO of dramaland. It was therefore difficult for me to like him. I didn’t like his way of treating Jang Ha Na either. I might have been able to sympathize with him (poor him! lose against Robin who is actually only a projection of himself…not cool) if his writing had been less clumsy, but that wasn’t the case. As for Robin, he wasn’t better. He was depicted right from the start as a perfect, mysterious gentleman who always rushed to rescue -everytime he could at least- the damsels in distress while making playful acrobatics in the night. As a result I always had that picture in my head when I heard the name “Robin”:

batman-history-tv-movies-01In the end I watched the 20 episodes only for Hyun Bin and his adorable dimple. I hope he will make a better choice next time cause I won’t watch another drama like H, J & I. Once but not twice!

Img0404_20150306144637_7Jang Ha Na (Han Ji Min) was the character for whom I had the less affection. She was soooo plain. I thought, for a second, that she would be a woman of character; but I quickly disenchanted seeing her being constantly saved by Robin. Hard to believe in a strong woman when you put her in danger every two minutes and her every expression express pain. After learning that Robin and Gu Seo Jin were in fact only and only one person, she spent her time bemoaning her lot  *rolling my eyes*. That’s not the end of the world, gurl. Cha Do Hyun played with the big boys compared to Gu Seo Jin in that case! Anyway…I think I might have liked her more if at least the romance had been a bit more thrilling and believable. Let’s summarize her situation: Jang Ha Na loved Robin but liked Gu Seo Jin only as an acquaintance…don’t you find it odd? To be honest that slightly disturbed me, cause in the end Robin was only a projection of Gu Seo Jin. That meant that in the end he didn’t really exist…But what bothered me the most in all that was the fact that, even after learning the truth about the both of them, she didn’t even try to get closer to Gu Seo Jin and still considered them as two different persons (hence my idea of twins).
This character, in addition of being a pure drag, also made me hate (well “hate”, that’s a bit exaggereated) Han Ji Min’s play even though I totally loved her in Rooftop Prince and The Fatal Encounter. Bouhou!

Img0404_20150303143503_7I had mixed feeling for Yun Tae Ju (Sung Joon). He could have been so much more! He was the character that seemed to have the most potential here. His past and his relation with Gu Seo Jin might have been interesting but, to my great disappointment, it turned flat. The few glimpses we had of his former pains and supposedly tension with Gu Seo Jin completely disappeared along the episodes, making him completely unworthy of any further interest. To all that, we can add an average performance given by Sung Joon. First time I was disappointed by him. For me, he is one of the most talented actors of the young generation. I don’t know what happened to him here.

Img0404_20150227130000_4Min Wu Jeong (Hyeri) was completely useless. I still don’t get why the scriptwriter made the effort to write such character (he should have developed the other, instead of losing his time with that one *cough*). I can only see two reasons: 1. challenge the romance 2. bring a refreshing touch to the drama while targeting a teenage audience (hence the presence of Hyeri in the casting I suppose). Unfortunately none of those objectives were reached in my opinion. Min Wu Jeong annoyed me more than anything, just like Hyeri’s performance.

I wasn’t charmed by H, J & I, like you’ve noticed. Lesson of the day: who says a good casting doesn’t automatically say a good drama. Bye-bye H, J & I and let’s never see each other’s face again!


Don’t try to be cute Binnie, I won’t put a higher grade for you^^’

Note de Dushbadou: 5/10
Note de Whoovy: 4.5/10 (pour Binnie)
Note finale: 4.5/10