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Let’s Eat (식샤를 합시다)

Original: Whoovy
Translation: Dushbadou

lets-eat-korean-posterSynopsis: Let’s Eat depicts the daily life and romance of a single woman. Lee Soo-Kyung is a 33-year-old single woman. She divorced when she was in her 20’s and now lives alone. She always wants to carry herself with dignity, but she loses self-control when she is near gourmet foods. Gu Dae-Young is a gourmet, especially talented with describing the taste of foods. He often lies when he opens his mouth, but he is usually considerate to others.
source: dramalist

Informations :
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 16
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Food
Aired: 2013-2014
Network: tvN
Duration: 50 min
Casting: Lee Soo Kyung, Shim Hyung Tak, Yoon Doo Joon, Yoon So Hee, Lee Do Yeon…

French version

A drama about food: I could only like it! :3 More seriously Let’s Eat won my heart from the beginning to the end. It wasn’t flashy but it had the audacity to be original, in my opinion. It was a bit repetitive with its numerous scenes of dinner but, contrary to some of you, that didn’t bother me (even though I admit, some scenes were probably a bit too long). Let’s Eat wasn’t only a drama about food. It was rather about the way of eating food! And here lay the whole difference: eating wasn’t only a daily life’s act but rather an art (especially when it was done to the beat of K Jun‘s song).

d-tileLet’s Eat mixed several genre and to be honest, I was taken aback by some turn of event (especially the whole story about the “don’t ask” assault. I wasn’t expecting such “mysterious” and “dark” atmosphere). But the main strength of the drama remained in the humour, the dialogue and the characters. I actually grew quickly fond of the main duo. I have a soft spot for dramas staging friendships between neighbours (apart from Flower Boy Next Door) and Let’s Eat didn’t go against that rule.

hyLee Soo Kyung (Lee Soo Kyung) was simply awesome. As surprising as it might seem, I easily identify myself to her. The 30 years old and divorced Lee Soo Kyung, had a strong personality. What I prefered about her was how she could be abrupt, proud in society but weak (I’m not sure that the right word) and solitary at home. She was not the kind to open up easily to others and it was finally her love for the food that made her come out of her shell. And frankly, her dog was just the ice on the cake! BARASSIIIII! ❤ As for Lee Soo Kyung -the actress- she played with great natural her role.

gtGu Dae Yong (Yoon Doo Joon) wholly and utterly won my heart. I understand why all the girls in the drama fell for him. I loved his “easy-living” style. It’s not everyday that you can see a main lead in tracksuits (apart from Binnie in Secret Garden). And man, the guy knows how to live! Tired of washing your clothes and to iron them? Easy: adopt the Gu Dae Yeong’s method and leave all your clothes at the pressing. Get dressed there and up you go! You can’t live in a more convenient way (though your wallet might suffer from that living style^^). Gu Dae Yong was in short a character completely out of sync (I liked his long monologue about food) but also a very sweet one (that smile ❤ ). Doo Joon’s performance surprised me: it was a role made for him!

klBubbly and optimist, Yoon Jin Yi (Yoon So Hee) brought a note of freshness to the drama by being the complete opposite of Lee Soo Kyung. But she was a character rather predictable and annoying at time (I couldn’t bear her constant “짱짱맨” >_<).  I still admit that she could could have been way worst though. What saved her was probably her relation with Lee Soo Kyung. The scriptwriter didn’t only made her the “third wheel” of the drama. She tried to give her more depth with her father’s story. Personally, I found it a bit far-fetched in the lasts episodes but we could still see that some effort were made about her character. As for Yoon So Hee’s performance I have nothing to say. Her looks perfectly matched the naivety of her character.

dfKim Hak Mun (Shim Hyung Tak) was, in the end, the one I liked the less. His clumsiness and one-sided love for Lee Soo Kyung quickly annoyed me. You still have a long way to go in term of pick-up technique, dude! To see him persevere in his chase after Lee Soo Kyung -even after she had clearly told him that she wasn’t interested- literally killed me. His stubbornness made him look ridicule, that’s all. That’s honestly too bad cause deep down we could clearly see that he wasn’t a bad lad. But anyway, all that to say that he was no match for Gu Dae Yeong.

Sans titre-tileI liked the other characters too. I found them really funny, especially Oh Do Yeon. She was always wide of the mark XD She imagined herself being the centre of a love triangle with Gu Dae Yeong and Kim Hak Mun, whereas both of them did everything they could to stay far away from her. Well, I admit that the joke were pretty easy -that wouldn’t have worked if the actress had been beautiful- but the reactions of the others characters remained nonetheless epic.

Finally the only slight note of the drama was the last episode, in my opinion. The end really disappointed me. But Let’s Eat remains nonetheless a very enjoyable drama for those who needs to relax. Now, let’s go watch the season 2!


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Note de Whoovy: 8/10
Note de Dushbadou: 7.5/10
Note finale: 8/10