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My Beautiful Bride (아름다운 나의 신부)

by Dushbadou

My_Beautiful_Bride-p1Synopsis: “My soon-to-be bride all of a sudden disappeared. And I turned into a monster to find her”. The drama depicts the heartbreaking, pure love by a man, who drives himself to the extreme situation in order to find his only love, his bride.
source: dramalist

Informations :
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 16
Genre: action, drama, romance, mystery
Aired: 2015
Network: OCN
Duration: 1hr
Casting: Kim Mu Yeol, Lee Shi Young, Go Sung Hee, Ryu Seung Soo, Park Hae Joon etc…

My Beautiful Bride was an amazing drama with an amazing ost. We could not expect less from the scriptwriter of Cruel City -though it wasn’t as addictive as I would have wished. The making was a bit destabilizing at first, as the camera was rarely stable and we were bombarded by flashback and flash-forward -without any proper transition. But it also gave to the show a certain aestheticism, which was reinforced by the beauty of the shot and the dark atmosphere displayed throughout the whole drama. The plot was also very interesting. Once again the scriptwriter of Cruel City lead us in Seoul’s underworld, but this time by choosing to focus on the loan shark’s deathly market. It was actually the first time I was seeing a drama talking about the shadows -the people behind the loan shark, the ones organising massive human traffic just to make money- and I admit, that piqued even more my interest. Everytime Kim Do Hyun or the police caught a man it was only to discover that the boss of his boss of his boss (x10) was actually the one responsible for all this mess (a bit like in Cruel City). In that way My Beautiful Bride could have been qualified as repetitive, redundant. But in my opinion it wasn’t the case. The scriptwriter always managed to make Kim Do Hyun’s chase interesting and full of adrenaline. But most of all she made the effort -when it was needed- to change her angle of approach, reviving my interest for the story by doing so (>>>SPOILER- for example Kim Do Hyun’s sudden change of goal, half way through the drama: he decided to stop looking for Yoon Joo Young and rather focused on building a better world for her. Very romantic -SPOILER<<<).

maxresdefault-tileMy Beautiful Bride was not whole dark for all that (even though -I admit- it mainly was). The scriptwriter -probably in her desire to make Kim Do Hyun’s character coherent- defused the atmosphere by taking the time to show us Yoon Joo Young and Kim Do Hyun’s sweet romance. I can’t say that those moments were not welcomed! Especially considering how well-written they were. Their relation and personal backgrounds were utterly moving, giving to their couple a realistic dimension (I actually think it was one of the most realistic romance I had ever seen in dramaland).
In the end the only flaw of My Beautiful Bride was -like I said before- its non-addictive nature. It took me more than a month to finish My Beautiful Bride for the simple and good reason that I was too busy to watch it but also because I couldn’t find the motivation to keep on after stopping my watching for a few days. Sad.

photo602843Kim Do Hyun (Kim Mu Yeol) was the perfect opposite of the kind of heros I usually like. I’m not really fond of main lead who rushes head along in the danger cause they spend most of the time at the hospital making the story rather plain. But weirdly enough, Kim Do Hyun didn’t give me that feeling. Even if his actions were rather reckless, he never appeared as silly. He embodied the perfect loving, sweet, manly guy who would do anything for his fiance and therefore his behaviours didn’t seem as irrational as it would have seemed in another context. What I actually loved about his character was how he appeared both at the same time as a strong-willing man and a desperate one. But not everything was positive about him. I profoundly disliked his stubbornness for example. I couldn’t understand -and really hated it- why he constantly lied to the police. I got that he did it out of love for Yoon Joo Young since he had promised to forget their past relationship if they were to meet again. But I still don’t get how it concerned the police. In my opinion he only hindered their investigation while they only tried to help him. If I had been him I would have done everything I could to help the police -even if it meant telling the whole truth. Cause 1/ Yoon Joon Young didn’t have to know that he had broken his promise 2/ he would have wasted less time by doing so (the guy spent a whole day in custody because of his lies..what a waste of time!) 3/ things might not have turned as ugly and messy in the end. That was the only incoherent point about his character: he did everything he could to find Yoon Joon Young but at the same time didn’t do everything he could (since he let the police in the dark) *brainstorming*. I think that was a weird move from the scriptwriter.

fullsizephoto602724Yoon Joon Young (Go Sung Hee) was a surprising character in the way that she was more present in the drama than what I expected. I thought she would only appeared in some flash-backs and that’s all. Her importance would have been felt through her absence and not otherwise. But I was far from the reality. Yoon Joon Young had a real role. She actually gained more and more screen time along the episodes as she became stronger and stronger. She was a double-edged character. In the first episodes she appeared as a weak, fearful woman who only ran away from her problem (which was rather annoying). But little by little her past was revealed showing how brave she could actually be. That was how finally we came to understand that if she was constantly hiding from Kim Do Hyun it was -before anything else- to protect him and not her. Thanks to that development she finally appeared as an interesting heroine. I actually both liked and disliked her determination to not lead Kim Do Hyun in her complicated business and past. She clearly kept him away from her problems out of love (loooooove is the moment) but somehow it felt as if she was less attached to him than him of her. Probably because she always lowered herself in front of Kim Do Hyun since she thought she wasn’t good enough for him. But the thing was that he didn’t care about her personal background and still loved her despite everything. I was therefore a bit frustrated to see her fighting alone (considering the strength of the guy I would have fought at his side if I had been her. But I guess I can say that because I’m not in love^^). But otherwise she was a nice character overall, with a real evolution.

photo602723If I wasn’t expecting anything from Yoon Jon Young, it was -on the other hand- the opposite for Cha Yoon Min (Lee Shi Young). She was important to the plot but I was a bit disappointed to see her being that much overshadowed by the other characters -especially since she embodied exactly my state of mind. She was as much exasperated by Kim Do Hyun’s lies than I was and yet did everything she could to help him. She was a smart, thoughtful heroine who perfectly counter-balanced Kim Do Hyun’s reckleness in that way. But what I liked the most about her was her feeling of guiltiness towards Yoon Joon Young and how she was finally betrayed by an institution in which she had a full trust: the police. In term of writing she was therefore one of my favourite and I was glad to see that the scriptwriter had taken the time to write her an interesting past in the end.

photo602836Park Hyeong Shik (Park Hae Joon) was a really ambiguous character. I liked the fact that he was part of one of the most important twist of the story (thought it was rather predictable) but I was a bit taken aback by his overall writing. I wasn’t satisfied by the reasons given to justify his past change, as well as his intentions remained blur for quite a long time. I think I would have liked to see a bit more of his past. His character left me therefore a bit hungry for more (just like his relation with Cha Yoon Min was at first not well-explained to us. Some elements of his character should have been broached earlier overall).

vlcsnap-00007All the gangster were interesting in the way that they perfectly embodied the complex world of loans sharks and petty criminals. They all fight for their own ass, no loyalty what so ever. Seo Jin Gi (Ruy Seung Soo) was obviously the best character to portray the underworld’s laws. From one scene to another, he easily turned from the torturer to the tortured depending of where he was. It was therefore hard to wholly despise him -even though he was the main villain of My Beautiful Bride. I pitied him more than once when he had to face the shadow’s big boss. In those time you actually realised that he was only one more minion of the underworld.

tumblr_nqq6mjdFSA1qbx2x00o2_540-tileMy Beautiful Bride was undeniably a really good drama, with an amazing casting, making and ost (I deeply regret my lack of motivation during its watching). I was glad to see once again the touch of Cruel City‘s scritpwriter (strong female characters with badass hero in a dark world). Therefore I can only advise you to give a shot to that drama!



Note de Dushbadou: 8.5/10
Note finale: 8.5/10