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Twenty (스물)

by Dushbadou

700db78bjw1eruwpptu9oj21jk2764qpSynopsis: Chi Ho, Dong Woo and Gyung Jae have been best friends since high school. Now, they are all 20-year-olds. Chi Ho has a girlfriend, So Min, but he only thinks about wooing other women. Dong Woo hopes to work as a comic artist, but his family’s poor financial situation has Dong Woo juggling several part-time jobs. So Hee is the younger sister of Kyung Jae and she just adores Dong Woo. Kyung Jae is a freshman in college.He meets an upperclassman, Jin Joo, who takes an interest in him and he falls in love with her.
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Informations :
Country: South Korea
Genre: Comedy, friendship, romance
Aired: 2015
Duration: 1h55
Director: Lee Byeong-heon
Casting: Kim Woo Bin, Kang Ha Neul, Lee Jun Ho, Jung So Min, Lee Yu Bi, Min Hyo Rin etc…

Twenty or the movie that will bright your day. The story is quite banal in itself, but it was damn funny! The trailer was already setting the tone of the movie, but I never thought I would  actually laugh and smile throughout the WHOLE film. Twenty tells the story of three best friends who enter their twenties (said to be the best age). They all choose different paths: Kang Dong Woo (Lee Jun Ho) retakes his year so as to save up enough money for its tuition. Kyung Jae (Kang Ha Neul) enters college and keeps on his study while Chi Ho (Kim Woo Bin) aims at…keeping on breathing XD During the whole movie we either see him at a club, at his date’s house or at his, sitting on a couch while doing nothing- literally.

maxresdefault-horzKim Woo Bin’s character was in fact the funniest as he was the silliest. Chi Ho only thinks about hitting girl (>>>SPOILER- like he literally did with Eun Hye XD -SPOILER<<<) and getting laid. He is a big dork who simply refuses to grow up. He lives on his parent’s allowance and has no plan for his future (apart near the end -even though that was a laughable project). His repartees and behaviour were the nuggets of this movie in my opinion. It was the genius of the scriptwriter: crude joke which were nonetheless funny. I usually don’t really laugh at that kind of humour because it’s too slapstick, yet here the dialogue completely worked on me- even though there were mainly dirty talk. The making and actor’s performance had probably a lot to do in my appreciation of the overall writing in fact. The three actors played really well their role even though Kim Woo Bin was the most unforgettable (and I’m saying that while I’m not even one of his fan. I’ve always liked him in his projects and he seems to be the a nice chap -cf “Running Man”– but I tend to quickly forget him when he is not on my screen).

Twenty-Korean-Movie_100-horzKyung Jae and Kang Dong Woo were, compared to Chi Ho, way more responsible and adult. Kang Dong Woo had to deal with real life through his family’s financial struggle while Kyung Jae thought about college and his future. We, therefore, witnessed three differents living style while mainly focusing on their love stories. What seemed to be only a matter of getting laid before the end of the year turned into love for the three of them. There weren’t any twist in the plot. It was not surprising, for example, to see Chi Ho failing in that field considering his state of mind (in Chi Ho’s dictionary: dating> having sex whenever we’re together; girlfriend> s.o I see when I want to have sex; love> doing it multiple times a day). That guy was actually a jackass that for nothing in the world I would have liked to date -putting aside his looks. But he was a hilarious character. Kyung Jae had some laughable moment too because of his awkward personality. Kang Dong Woo on the other hand fell the most behind, on that matter. In the end he was a bit outshone by the two others. He made me smile but that was most of the time thanks to his friends or So Hee -Kyung Jae’s little sister (Lee Yu Bi). She was from far the best female character. She appears for the first time as an innocent girl who seems to care for his big brother but she actually reveals herself (like five seconds later) to be as pervert as the three friends. I’ve rarely seen a girl be that comfortable when talking about masturbation and tits. It was a flawless performance for Lee Yu Bi once again.

18614647894_85a17b41df_o-horzTwenty is a facepalm movie that will make you laugh your ass off. Good story, good dialogue. Great trio, great actors, great chemistry. It’ll take 1h55 of your life but I assure you: you won’t feel like you’ve wasted your time! Who knows maybe you’ll recognize yourself in one of those characters!

Note de Whoovy : 9/10
Note de Dushbadou : 9/10
Note finale : 9/10