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Love in Forlorn City (伤城之恋)

by Dushbadou


Synopsis: A poor, pretty and obstinate girl and the playful son of a rich family fall in love with each other. Can their true love overcome the ups and downs of fate, poverty, sickness, death and lies?
source: dramalist

Informations :
Country: China
Episodes: 20
Genre: Melodrama, romance, drama
Aired: 2008
Network: Dragon TV
Duration: 45 min
Casting: Wallace Huo, Qin Lan, Bian Xiao Xiao, Qian Yong Chen etc….

French version


[Drama watched for the challenge 1 month=1 rule 2016 offered by the blog Books & Dramas> February’s theme: watch a drama with the word ‘love’ in its title]

After 9 episodes of Love in Forlorn City I finally gave it up. It wasn’t bad -though I have a lot to say about it. It just deeply bored me despite all the twists invented by the scriptwriters. Love in Forlorn City was pure cliché. Once again dramaland demonstrated how good they are at recycling. The heroine (Qin Lan) was this poor, ordinary girl who worked her ass off -until exhaustion- to pay her mother’s hospitalisation (yes she had to have someone sick in her family otherwise that wouldn’t have been funny). She was insulted at work and always fired for unfair reasons, making her life even more miserable while the hero (Wallace Huo), on the other hand, was the classic cold, rich dude who didn’t know the real value of money.


Both of them ended up being entangled in a story of reimbursement. That was one of the funniest part of the drama cause obviously Zhou Yu Qing was too proud to accept Yan Ah Fei’s money, leading to a relentless “take your money back”, “no I don’t want to”, “take it back for lord’s sake! I’ll bother you until you do it anyway”, “Keep your damn money! don’t you understand? that’s the only mean the scriptwriters found to make us fall in love of each other”. The two firsts episodes were literally only about that. And the following ones were just a disjointed mess meant to challenge the main couple. I had not even realized that they were a couple that they had already broken up. Overnight, on the pretext that Yan Ah Fei had confessed his feeling, they became a couple -a true one! with the parent’s meeting and everything! as far as I know you don’t bring your girlfriend to your mother on your first date: it’s shooting yourself in the foot. And you can’t know your girlfriend/boyfriend by heart after so little time spend together, so why trying to make us swallow that pill, scriptwriter, why? I had the feeling to have missed at least 5 episodes in between. But the best part was how both Yan Ah Fei and Zhou Yu Qing gave up on their couple after this first obstacle (cause of course the mother-in-law had to be mean). In short they lasted exactly 5 minutes together. I don’t even know how we were supposed to buy their couple with such rashness.


The second hilarious part in that drama was how little China seemed. After trampling their romance with one or two additional twists -which were even more laughable than the previous ones- the scriptwriters decided to make the writing even less believable by coming back to endless coincidental meeting. In every episodes -to not say every scenes- Yan Ah Fei and Zhou Yu Qing happened to bump into each other by pure chance. If it’s not forcing the hand of destiny I wonder what it is. I could keep on like that for hours (and I’ve only seen 9 episodes, imagine what it would have been if I had seen the whole drama!) but to sum up Love in Forlon City was one of the messiest drama I had ever seen. It almost seemed like an unfinished rough draft. You were not even given the time to get interested by the characters as they did not maintain a semblance of mystery about them. The plot was overly dramatized and you could almost guess the ending without giving it further thought. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I wasted my time despite all my critics. It was funny at first, to see the scriptwriter struggling that much with their own story. And watching Love in Forlorn City allowed me to discover a good song: “There is a love called letting go”. All wasn’t lost and who knows maybe one day I’ll give it another shot.

(video containing spoilers)

“There is a love called letting go”: sorry Wallace but in that case that’s true

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